Window Washing – Inside & Out Including Sill, Tracks & Screen

The video posted here shows us cleaning a third story window safely from the ground. But believe it or not, a lot of customers are really concerned with how their window sills, tracks and screens will look and not necessarily their windows. Since we started cleaning windows in 2006 we learned early on that if a customer wants their Window Tracks cleaned, you have to do it well. So yes we are great window cleaners, but more importantly we are AWESOME window TRACK CLEANERS!

The window track is only seen when you lift up the window. It is the area where the window sits within the frame. If you are the type who never opens up your windows then don’t worry about getting your tracks cleaned. You won’t receive any benefit. We include window sill cleaning in our window cleaning process along with cleaning the locking mechanism usually located on top of the bottom sash. The window sill on the outside of your window will be cleaned. Better yet, before you wash your windows get your house soft washed. Your windows will stay cleaner longer.

Now for your windows, we use a waterfed pole system to clean your outside windows and your frame. We scrub your windows with our brush system that is at the end of our pole and rinse your window with deionized water. Deionized water is slightly acidic. Therefore it is a great cleaning agent. Once we scrub your windows and your frames with our waterfed pole system we will rinse the glass and the frames with the special water, known as Pure Water.

Our team of trained window washers not only know how to properly clean your windows but they will also clean your tracks and screens to keep them looking beautiful. Our techs are trained at cleaning both inside and outside windows and are able to get to even the most difficult to reach windows.