What Stinks?

Do you ever walk into a room in your home and get a whiff of something a little off? It’s not a bad odor, per se, but it is not a good one, either? If you walk around the room and do not find a source—dirty socks under the table, an trash can needing emptied, leftovers that got left out—it could very well be your carpets or your upholstered furniture. While your best option is to give us a call and let us professionally clean them for you, you have an alternate Band-Aid solution available to you in the form of deodorizers.


There are two primary types to choose from: aerosols/sprays or powders. The most common type of aerosols are designed to mask the odors in the air, but do not actually address the carpet or furniture themselves. This is going to be your least effective method. Sprays, like Febreze, are designed to be sprayed on the offending area, and as the Febreze dries, it essentially neutralizes the odors through a chemical bonding process. It is effective at minimizing the odors, but is not a permanent solution. Powders are specifically designed for carpet—you sprinkle the carpet with the powder, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up.

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