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Perfect Pear Home Pros are IICRC Certified in Cleaning Upholstery. Everyone always has weird acronyms flaunting their credentials but ours are actually real. As a side note: I saw this cleaning company that said that their technicians were, let’s say their company name was Happy Happy Sunny Day Carpet Cleaners, certified “HHSDCC” cleaners. The IICRC however, is a third-party organization that tests and trains cleaners.

We know how to identify what fabric your upholstery has and also how to clean properly. There is not one solution that cleans all fabric. And not all spotters will work on each piece. Please don’t use a company with some kid on commission. Use us ok? Here is how we clean Upholstery:

  • Pre­Inspection: We are looking for any danger points and heavy wear patterns. And we try to give you realistic expectations, so you don’t hate our guts just in case you were expecting your 20 year old couch to look like it belongs to a “rooms to go” commercial.
  • Pre­Vacuum: This is to remove all of the dry soil that can rip and tear your upholstery.
  • Pre­Spray: We use this to lift and suspend the “sticky” soil off of the upholstery.
  • Rinse: We use Steam Cleaning.
  • Neutralize: Acid rinsing the fabric sets colors, helps the fabric feel soft and helps get rid of soap.
  • Protect: We believe all fabric should be protected. Proper, and proper being the keyword, protects the outside of the fiber and fills the dye sites in the yarn.
  • Groom: Some fabric needs to be groomed after the cleaning. Like microfiber and suede, etc…
  • Dry: Upholstery is usually dry before we leave or dry in an hour or so. Some fabrics absorb more solution than others. Don’t ever worry about us leaving your furniture soaking wet. We’d like to keep our stellar reputation, you know.


We also will clean outdoor upholstery. Ask about it!


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Perfect Pear Home Pros – Upholstery Cleaning & Protecting

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