What Type of Carpet Is Best If You Have Cats?

If you are a cat lover, you know how difficult it is to have cats and maintain a beautiful, clean smelling carpet. Unfortunately, the solution of hardwood or laminate flooring just does not work for everyone.

It is possible to have a beautiful carpet and the furry friends you love. So, use these tips to choose the best carpet for cats from the experts in carpet cleaning Orlando Fl trusts.

Cut carpets are better than looped carpets.

Your cat will pull and scratch on anything it can get its claws on. It is in their nature. For this reason, you want to avoid looped carpets because the loops will easily get caught in the cat’s claws. Slowly but surely, the carpet will unravel. Try carpets that are made with a cut pile instead.

Opt for darker colored carpets.

The best way to go is to choose a carpet that is made with multiple colored threads that fall in the middle of the neutral color scale. If you already have a cat, try to pick a color of carpet that closely matches its fur for the best camouflage. Grey carpet is also a good idea because it is the same hue as most kitty litters.

Go durable.

You need a carpet that will be able to handle being vacuumed on an almost daily basis to keep fur and kitty-related smells to a minimum. You should also be annually investing in the professional carpet cleaning Orlando prefers. Regular cleaning wears down the fibers. Sooner or later, your carpet will start to look thin and frazzled. So, the more durable the carpet, the better.

Go colorfast.

Because there is a chance your cat may accidentally do its business on the carpet, you want a carpet that is as stain resistant as possible. That means opting for a carpet that is made with stain protection, polyester, or is solution dyed. Carpets that are solution dyed or polyester will hold color better. Just remember to check if stain protection was added before the carpet was assembled. If it wasn’t, your carpet is only protected on the very top layer, not deep in the threads.

Upgrade your carpet pad.

Often times, when something is spilled on carpet, the spill soaks through the carpet and saturates the padding underneath. If a cat urinates or sprays on your carpet, that is a serious dilemma. You can protect your carpet on all levels by investing in a carpet pad that has a moisture barrier on both sides. It’ll protect your carpet from accidents as well as add cushion and support. The result is an extended warranty on your carpet.

Let the carpet cleaners Orlando trusts maintain your new carpet. Perfect Pear is committed to giving you the best service for you and your cats at an affordable price. For more information about carpet cleaning Orlando services, contact 407.688.2121.

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