Tips for home carpet cleaning


You will likely have to deal with pesky stains on your carpet. Whether it is from you dog, a wild party you threw, or your kids playing and making a mess. There are a few easy tips to getting up stains from your carpet. If you are in between professional carpet cleaning, these tips can help you maintain a spotless carpet with simple home remedies.

Blot the spot. Do not scrub the stain. This will only cause the mess to spread further and damage more of your carpet. Blotting the stain ensures that you are only lifting up the mess and not moving it around. If you do scrub the stain you run the risk of it going through the carpet pad.

There are also a variety of different solutions you can use that are always available in your home. Water mixed with a dash of detergent can get out many stains such as cola, berries, washable ink, jelly and food dyes.

For tougher stains like blood, wine or coffee you need to mix water with a tablespoon of ammonia. This will help lift the mess from your carpet. If you use bleach on your carpet, you run the risk of leaving bleach stains on it. For a guarantee clean up and nothing left behind, use ammonia.

For fat or wax that sticks in the carpet fiber, you are going to need a warm paper towel. To do this, simply place the paper towel over the mess than iron on warm on top of the paper towel. This should cause the fat to remove from the carpet then stick to the paper towel.

Cigarette burns get a little bit trickier. Burns are different from stains because it isn’t just a mess, the carpet has been burned off. First, you need to remove the cigarette ash by vacuuming the area. Next you need to cut out the burned part of the carpet. Then you need to gather some strand of carpet fibers. You can get these if you have extra in you storage or cut in from another part of your carpet that isn’t as easily seen. Finally you need to use a dab of hot glue and cover the burn up.

To clean up urine stains, you first need to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Use multiple paper towels if you need to. Vinegar and water mixed together works wonders for the remaining stain left in your carpet. This will eliminate the stain as well as the smell.

Luckily, if your carpet gets too bad with stains for you to maintain, there are professionals that can help. Perfect Pear Orlando carpet cleaning offers a variety of different cleaning methods to ensure that your carpet looks brand new again. They have been serving Orlando residents for over six years. In addition to carpet cleaning, Perfect Pear also offers wood cleaning and upholstery. For more information about services and pricing, contact 407.688.2121.

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