Things To Expect

inside-apartment-design-home-mediumWhen you have a home, you understand that it is so important to keep your home clean. When you have a clean home then everything seems to be a lot better. Better yet, when your carpets are clean then the feeling you get is even better. When you contact Perfect Pear then you can be assured that you are going to get a good cleaning. With Perfect Pear you are going to get:


Pre-Spot Cleaning: After the pre-vacuum cleaning, a technician will go through your home and use appropriate solutions on the stains that are around your home. This will help make the carpet even cleaner.


Pre-Spray: This is a formula treatment that will help lift and suspend any dry oils that are remaining in the carpet. This will help ensure that your carpet will get even more clean when the technician goes over your carpet.


Microfiber Cleaning: This is done by a rotary machine that will gently remove the dirt from the carpet fibers by suing a microfiber pad. This will help your carpet look the best as possible.


Encapsulating Spray: The technician will then use this spray around your carpet, bringing up the sticky substances that may be in your carpet.


If you need to have your carpet clean, then Perfect Pear—your Orlando carpet cleaner—will keep your carpets clean.

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