The Use of Travertine in Homes and the Importance of Keeping It Clean

Travertine is a multi-purpose finish made from rock that’s typically used for floors but is also ideal for design elements such as backsplashes and many more. The use of travertine dates back centuries,  and was often used in the construction of major monuments and buildings. Travertine is sturdy and long-lasting, but does need to be cleaned and maintained.  With proper care, it should last for decades. The following tips explain how travertine is used in homes and what you need to do to maintain it.


Uses for Travertine

Travertine is popular as a finish for floors, but it’s also used for bathroom tiles, including showers. It’s also ideal for stepping stones for your garden or yard, for the backsplash in your kitchen and even for outdoor decks surrounding pools. It’s also commonly used for fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs, steps and even walls.


Clean Up Spills Promptly

While travertine is durable, it’s also more prone to damage from acidic substances than other finishes. Acidic substances include everything from wine and coffee to cleaning products. If any of these spill and are not blotted up promptly, they could make the finish dull or could leave a permanent stain. This is one reason why you should always use coasters on any surface covered with travertine. This can protect the surface from moisture or spills and prevent messes that must be cleaned up.


Use Safe Cleaning Methods

While you want to clean your travertine surfaces regularly, you want to do so in a way that won’t damage them. Since some cleaning products are too harsh for travertine, there are specific methods and cleaning agents you should use to keep the material in tiptop shape without damaging it. In fact, you should only use hot water for cleaning up spills. Maintain your travertine with a cleaner made specifically for stone — do this once a day. You can occasionally use a mild soap, but if you use it more than a few times a year it could cause the finish to become dull. When cleaning travertine, only use something gentle such as a chamois or a cotton cleaning cloth.


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