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Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Methods

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, low-moisture carpet cleaning refers to any method of cleaning carpets that allows them to dry faster than standard methods. Generally speaking, carpets that are cleaned with low-moisture methods are able to fully dry in two to four hours, depending of the outdoor conditions.

Many people don’t realize, however, that there are a number of different low-moisture carpet cleaning methods. So, here’s a quick guide to help you understand the different options available to you.

Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Methods

#1 | Bonnet Cleaning

This is a style of carpet cleaning that involves the use of a low-rpm floor machine with a bonnet attached to it. The cleaner is applied and the bonnet removes it. Unfortunately, the soil tends to collect in the bonnet so it has to be changed a number of times during the cleaning -process.

#2 | Shampoo Cleaning

This method of cleaning involves the use of a low-rmp floor machine to apply a special detergent to the carpet. The application process helps to loosen up dirt and grime and it’s all sucked away with the help of a wet vacuum. Once the carpet has dried enough, it is vacuumed again to remove any remaining dirt.

#3 | Encapsulation

This is the quickest drying method because it usually requires no water at all. Here, chemicals are applied to the carpet using a machine that brushes the chemicals into the carpet. Once down, the chemicals crystallize and encapsulate the dirt and grime in the floor. After about an hour, the crystallized substance is vacuumed away.

To learn more about the different low-moisture carpet cleaning methods available to you, call (407)688-2121 today.

Are Your Floors Making You Sick?

We’ve mentioned some time ago that keeping a clean home is good for more than just aesthetics. The fact of the matter is, a clean home keeps you healthy. It’s been proven that keeping your home clean manages the transfer and growth of the bad germs that have a nasty habit of getting into your system and bringing you down for a week or longer.

The Culprit

When it comes to your floors, the main bad guy is mold. Those tiny little spores grow in your carpet when there’s been an over-saturation for one reason or another.

You can tell you have mold growing in your floors if you are regularly experiencing muscle or joint pain, headaches, depression, memory loss, shortness of breath, fatigue, and disturbances in your immune system.

The Solution

The best way to remedy this hazardous problem is to hire a cleaning company with the experience necessary to deep clean your floors. Without an extensive treatment, you’re only going to mask the problem and it’ll resurface in a relatively short period of time worse than before.

So, if you find you’re dealing with any of the physical symptoms listed above, call 407.688.2121 today to schedule a deep carpet cleaning service right away.

Cleaning animal hair off carpet

You just moved into your new home or apartment and the carpet looks amazing. You and your family finally get settled in, but wait you have two cats. After a few weeks the carpet becomes covered in cat hair. Trying to keep up vacuuming is exhausting. It’s a pain to have to be constantly lugging out the vacuum. There are a few quick and simple ways to clean up cat hair from your carpet without turning it into an all-day chore.


The simplest way to clean up cat hair on your carpet is to not have any on your carpet to begin with. Place throw rugs in areas of your house that your pet likes to lay. Not only will it help decorate your house but the carpet will remain hair free. Now the question is: how do I get animal hair off my throw rug? Well, that’s simple. Throw it in the washing machine. While you are in the process of the cleaning the rug, keep you animal in a different room.

Lint rollers

For a quick way to clean up a little pet fur on the carpet is a lint roller. It works the same way on the carpet as it does for your clothes. It’s small so it can fit in the hard to reach spots that a vacuum cleaner might not. Cleaning up the lint roller is simple too. Just rip off the hairy piece and throw it away. The whole process of cleaning will take only minutes.

Dryer sheets

If you don’t happen to have a lint roller lying around your house, dryer sheets can work too. You are sure to always have dryer sheets in stock. You could even recycle old ones that have already been in the dryer. This way you are saving money on buying dryer sheets. To ensure all the fur gets off the carpet, spray a little fabric softener before wiping.

Rubber gloves

Get a bucket of water and throw on some gloves. Hair comes up very easy when it is wet. It shouldn’t take much any excessive scrubbing. This method also allows you to get in smaller areas that might be hard to reach otherwise. This may sound like more work than vacuuming, but it is economically more affordable than a vacuum.

No shed animals

If you simply don’t want to deal with cleaning animal hair at all, there are a variety of animals that you can get. Sure you could get a reptile or snake, but most people like some soft and cuddly. There is various breeds of dogs and cats that won’t leave hair behind. You can go with a hairless dog or cat. Surprisingly seemingly fluffy dogs like a Brichon Frise or Poodle, don’t shed.

When all else fails and you simply can’t deal with the animal hair on your carpet, Perfect Pear can clean your carpet for you. This Orlando carpet cleaning service can effectively clean off all the animal hair and anything else making it appear new. For more information, contact 407.688.2121.