Sunbrella Indoor & Outdoor Cushion Cleaning

At Perfect Pear Home Pros, we clean and care for all shapes and sizes of removable indoor and outdoor Sunbrella cushions and cushion covers.

Sunbrella fabric is a 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber that is bright and colorful and used on many outdoor cushions and cushion covers. The fabric is very fade resistant and can stand up to all kinds of weather – but sometimes food, drink, and daily activity can make your cushions dirty. Mold and mildew can also be a problem.

That’s where Perfect Pear Home Pros can help! We can help get your Sunbrella cushions looking bright and clean with our professional cushion cleaning services. Eliminate mold and mildew, food stains and dirt with our Sunbrella Indoor & Outdoor Cushion Cleaning.

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The video below shows how we can clean your fabric at your home. We spray our special “pear Sauce” on the fabric, allow it to sit and then safely rinse it off along with the dirt and mildew growth.

We also have the option, which we prefer because we can control dry times, to bring your fabric into the shop. We can clean, dry and if you want protect your outdoor furniture.

Along with cushions we also can clean the actual pieces of furniture the cushions sit on.




Perfect Pear Home Pros – Sunbrella Indoor & Outdoor Cushion Cleaning

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