Professional Stone Cleaning, Polishing, Repair and Sealing

Is the stone in your house looking a little dull or tired? We have experience in cleaning, polishing and sealing the different varieties of natural stone. Not sure what kind of stone you have? There’s a saying that says, “Granite is grainy and marble is veiny”. This might help you determine if you have granite or marble but there are also other types of stone that will need to be treated differently in order for the stone to look its best. Just take a look at some of our work below:

Our trained technicians will be happy to take a look to determine not only the type of stone but also the best method for cleaning and polishing it. Having cleaned and polished stone adds to the value and beauty of your home. If not cleaned right, it can also turn into a major expense to repair or replace. Trust the experts at Perfect Pear Home Pros for all of your stone care.

We also have a report on protectants and sealers for your benefit, in case you would like to learn more. Please contact Deland at to receive a copy!


Perfect Pear Home Pros – Stone Cleaning, Polishing, Repair and Sealing

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