Stick Vacuums

Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways you can maintain your carpet between professional carpet cleanings. There are a lot of different types of vacuums to choose from, however. What kind you choose will depend on your particular needs. This post will introduce you to stick vacuums.


Stick vacuums are lightweight, small vacuums that are easy to store and perfect for light cleaning. They won’t replace your standard-sized vacuum, but it can replace your broom and dustpan. It is best on carpets and rugs with a low pile, or on non-carpeted surfaces. It is ideal for someone in an apartment or a small home, or who has spaces that need to be cleaned regularly, but don’t require a regular vacuum, such as the kitchen floor or under the kitchen or dining room table.


Stick vacuums, while smaller, are not necessarily less expensive. A number of different brands make them, and they vary in price as much as standard-sized vacuums do. Whether you choose the Hoover Presto or the Bissell PowerEdge Pet or the Dyson Digital Slim, you will not regret your purchase.


Give us a call when you are ready to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Until then, keep vacuuming!

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