Planning a Move?

Moving is rarely an easy process. There’s paperwork to complete, movers to hire and the long process of sorting and packing your belongings to ensure they survive the move without any dings, dents or other damage. An equally important step is cleaning your house or apartment thoroughly before you leave. This ensures the next resident moves into a clean, neat space they can make their own. In addition, if you’re renting, your former landlord might charge a cleaning fee or keep your deposit if you don’t clean the residence before vacating.

The following checklist can help you ensure you’re prepared for your move and make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Purge Old Belongings Before You Leave

Several weeks before you plan to move, go through everything you own, and separate your possessions into things you definitely want to keep and items you want to throw away or donate. This makes it easier to clean before you move because there’s less to deal with, so you can dramatically cut down on the amount of time necessary to make your place ready for the next occupant. Items to discard might include worn furniture, appliances that don’t work properly, or simply odds and ends that you no longer have use for.

Identify Areas In Need of Cleaning

Some areas may require deep cleaning before the home can be ready for someone new to move in. For example, maybe the carpet is grimy and in need of cleaning. A few weeks before your move, walk through the home in search of particularly troublesome spots. Clean them early instead of waiting until the last minute. In addition, some might require professional cleaning services, and you’ll need to determine this well in advance in case it’s difficult to book an appointment.

Dispose of Refuse and Chemicals

Don’t leave behind garbage or potentially toxic chemicals such as cleansers. A few weeks before your move, inspect your home for anything that might require special handling. Some chemical-based cleaners, for example, might need to be taken to a disposal facility.

You can certainly clean your home or apartment yourself, but to make your move easier, consider investing in professional housekeeping services, such as those offered by Perfect Pear Home Pros. We cater to residents in Orlando and surrounding areas who want only the best when it comes to cleaning their home. We can handle everything from fine fabrics to floors, ensuring that your home is pristine and ready for the next occupant. Call (407)688-2121 to schedule your appointment today

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