Paver Cleaning, Sealing, Sanding, and Repair

Pavers are an excellent way to add beauty to your house. In order to keep your pavers looking new, they will need to be cleaned, sealed and sanded.

Cleaned: What is the proper way to clean brick pavers? Pressure washing, if not done properly, will harm your pavers and can even erode the foundation causing your pavers to be uneven and crack.

Sealed: Probably the best way to keep your pavers looking new is to keep them protected from dirt, the sun and rain. Sealing your pavers keeps the elements out and extends the life of your pavers.

Sanding: Over time, the original foundation and sand in between your pavers settles and is eroded by water. This can cause your pavers to become uneven and to even crack. Periodically, new sand is needed to fill in the gaps to keep the foundation even and the pavers level.

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Our technicians at Perfect Pear Home Pros are experts in all your surface cleaning needs. We professionally clean & protect everything from natural stone, to pavers, to wood, to vinyl commercial flooring (VCT).

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