Ingredients in Cleaning Products Could Be Harmful

Cleaning products can be harmful. People who favor organic cleaning products have been saying this for years. It turns out they were right.

Researchers at Virginia Tech discovered this harmful possibility on accident. In an effort to protect themselves and the mice, these researchers thought it would be a good idea to use disinfectant while handling the lab’s mice. In doing so, they realized the mice were losing reproduction abilities. When they looked in to it, they found that the cause was two of the active ingredients in the cleaner. Those ingredients are ADBAC and DDAC.

These same two ingredients are found in a lot of other places as well. You will find them in the cleaners in your home, at the doctor, and even in most places where food is prepared. The high risk of people coming in contact with these potentially harmful chemicals sparked a study.

Mousey Research

The study will publish in a journal that features papers on the topic of toxic substances and the reproductive system. The intent was to find whether or not these chemicals were harmful to humans as well.

The sad truth is that no one ever thought these two chemicals were harmful. That’s why they can be found just about anywhere. The researchers found ADBAC and DDAC in disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and most cleaners in your home. They were even found in makeup, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. This makes sense because these two active ingredients are what gives all these products their ability to clean.

Before tests could be run on humans, more tests were done on mice. The findings were saddening. First, the researchers took ADBAC and DDAC from the rest of the ingredients in the chemicals. This was to make sure the test was accurate. Then they tested the ingredients on the mice.

The Outcome?

It turned out that these two chemicals really were dangerous to the mice. After being tested, the female mice had a harder time getting pregnant and had less babies. Even worse, almost half of the mice moms died while pregnant or while trying to deliver their young.

The scariest part of all this is that the findings are very similar to initial reports done on BPA. It’s possible these active ingredients may be just as dangerous. If they are, it could be what is causing the increase in cancer cases and the decrease of human fertility over the years.

Since the research is still in the early stages, there is no way to know for sure whether or not these ingredients are harmful. All the conclusions so far are made off of early tests and hunches.

Even still, it poses an interesting question: are we slowing killing ourselves by trying to protect ourselves?

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