I’m kind of having a tough time…

You might know Angela that usually answers our phone during the week. Well she has the NERVE to go on a vacation. And not a one week vacation but three flippin’ week vacation.

I’m kind of dying over here…all by myself answering the phones. It’s hard to do both, clean and answer phones and schedule. I know, I’m a big cry baby. Get out your violins….shed a tear.

If you need to get a hold of me please have patience until I can get her back. Text me, call or email and I will get back to you.

Aaand, Angela isn’t my wife. She is my work wife. My real wife, her name is JoAnn, was normally staying at home with the kiddos. But since we are empty nesters we are enjoying seeing each other more often during the day. She will be helping more in the business and I hope you get to know her.

This month, until September 15th, is our “Back to school, please use our services because I’m broke” discount.

Any of our services get $50 off during August and up to September 15th.

Thanks for all you do.


Deland Moghimi
Perfect Pear Home Pros
Office – 407-688-2121
Text – 407-437-0850

“Your Nerds In The Cleaning Business”

P.S. Keep a look out for an updated photo of my four kiddos. They are growing like weeds.