The Good and the Bad of Different Types of Floors

When it comes down to choosing your new flooring, the number of options available can be overwhelming. In an effort to take away some of that stress, here is a quick guide that puts the good and the bad of the most popular types of flooring in one place.


Installation Carpet isn’t something you would want to install by yourself. You need special tools and experience with the adhesive that seals it to the underfloor. If you are considering carpet, remember to factor in the cost of a professional installation into the overall price of the flooring. Durability Carpets can last for years if they are properly cleaned and maintained with the help of a carpet cleaning service Orlando trusts to get the job done right. There are different types of carpet with different fibers that also affect how long a carpet can last looking nice. In general, the darker and more sturdy the fiber, the more durable the carpet. Liveability Because carpets are made of fabric, the fibers attract a lot of dirt and pet allergens. Over time, they get stuck deep in the fibers and make it difficult to keep the floors and air in your home clean. This can be a bad situation if any one in your family has severe allergies. Carpets also tend to absorb odors for the same reason. The only way to avoid that is to have a regular carpet cleaning in Orlando.


Installation Traditional hardwood flooring is definitely not a DIY installation project unless you are professionally trained. The flooring comes unfinished and needs to be sanded, stained,and finished. You can get engineered wood flooring, which is more like plywood and comes pre-finished. This way you can get a look more like hardwood without the complicated installation. Durability Traditional hardwood flooring is very durable. Damages can be sanded away and a fresh application of finish can make the floor look good as new. Engineered flooring has a thin veneer that can’t be sanded away without damaging the floor. You have to be much more careful with furniture and pets on engineered flooring. Liveability This type of flooring is easy to keep clean. You just have to be mindful of wet spills and clean them up right away to avoid damage. It is also wise to add rubber pads to the legs of your furniture to avoid damaging the floor.


Installation Laminate flooring is a great DIY project because it is a floating floor. No adhesive is needed because the pre finished pieces just snap into place. This type of flooring is also much less expensive that its real wood counterparts. Durability Overall, laminate is durable and easy to clean. You want to be careful with wet spills, however. Water that is left on the flooring too long can cause the laminate panels to warp and bubble. The top layer of finish can also show wear over time. Livability If there is a section of the floor that is damaged, it is easy to lift up and replace the damaged boards. For this reason, it is a good idea to buy a few extra pieces of flooring. That way, if you need to replace anything, you have those extra boards on hand and don’t have to worry about locating the the right color match later down the road.

Ceramic Tile

Installation If you study on the correct ways to install tile, you can learn to do this yourself. However, it may be better to just call in a professional to make sure your floors look just the way you imagined. That is because ceramic tiles are glued down and special spacers are used to maintain the gaps between the tiles. Durability Tile floors are very durable, just be careful not to drop very heavy objects on tile flooring. You don’t want to accidentally break a tile. Livability Ceramic tile floors are easy to clean and hard to damage unless you drop something heavy on them. As long as you take care of the grout, your floors will continue to look like new for a long time. Once you’ve decided on your floors and have them installed, you need to keep them clean. Call a carpet cleaning service Orlando trusts to maintain your floors. For more information about Orlando cleaning services from Perfect Pear, contact 407.688.2121.

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