Fixing Your Wood Floors

When it comes to flooring, many homeowners choose hardwood because it is a beautiful flooring option. People enjoy the ease of cleaning  and how it gives a home a fresh feeling. In a perfect world, the hardwood would stay looking as brand new as the day you installed it.

Unfortunately, things just don’t work that way. Life happens and suddenly there are little scrapes and scuffs all over that really take away from the beauty of the floors. Of course, you have the option of calling in for a professional carpet cleaning Orlando trusts to maintain hardwood floors. But before you take that route, try these DIY natural fixes to bring your hardwood floors back to their original glory.

Pro Tip: Quickly look over the instructions that were given by the installer. You don’t want to use any cleaning solution or method on the floors that could mess up your warranty.

Sweep and Mop

You can prevent a lot of little scratches by keeping your floors as clean as possible. Sweep often with a soft-bristled broom or a cloth padded sweeper to keep gritty particles off the floor. If the floor still looks a little dingy, you can mop with a slightly damp mop. You can use water mixed with a little tea tree oil or whatever is deemed okay by your installer’s instructions. Just make sure to avoid wetting the mop too much. An overly soaked mop can cause water damage.

Microfiber cloth

Address spills on hardwood right away to avoid damage. Use a microfiber cloth to clean up wet spills. You can slightly dampen the cloth if the spill is dry. Again, just make sure to avoid too much moisture. Wipe over the spill once more with a dry cloth to protect your floor’s finish.


You have to be very careful when addressing more resistant marks to avoid ruining your hardwood floor’s finish. If you have a urethane finish, there are scrubbers made just for that. If you have a wax finish, you can gently use fine steel wool or sandpaper. Just wipe the surface after you’ve finished and reapply new wax.


Another popular solution for wood floors and furniture is a shelled walnut. Gently rub small scratches with half a shelled walnut to help the oils penetrate the wood. If anyone in your home is allergic to nuts, you can use almost dry coffee grounds instead.


This is a good solution to remove just about anything with a waxy or gooey texture like gum and crayon. Just fill a baggie with ice and set it on top of the mark for a few minutes. The cold will let you gently pick off most, if not all, of the substance with your fingers. If anything is left over, you can place a microfiber cloth over it and iron it up.


You can remove oily stains from your wax-finished floor by using soaps that have a lot of lye in them. Wash and dry the area then use your hand to buff back the shine with a microfiber cloth.

Good oils

Oil on your floors isn’t always a bad thing as long as you are using good oils. Olive oil and coconut oil are great buffers if your hardwood floors are unfinished. You can add a little essential oil to add your favorite scents. Just make sure you let the floor dry thoroughly for several hours.

Of course, you can prevent a lot of these minor scratches and marks by adding felt pads to the bottom of your furniture. Don’t drag anything across the floor and walk carefully in heels. Use throw rugs in areas that get a lot of traffic and make sure any pets have their claws clipped on schedule.

The next great thing is to make sure you know the right professionals to call when it comes time to clean or fix major damage. Perfect Pear is a company that specializes in the hardwood flooring maintenance and the commercial carpet cleaning Orlando trusts. For more information about the professional carpet cleaning Orlando calls first, contact 407.688.2121.

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