Don’t Forget the Couches!

If you have carpets, you know that you need to have them cleaned every once in a while—at least once a year is recommended, but if you have high traffic or problem areas, you should consider getting them cleaned more often. And you are aware of other things in your home that need cleaned and take care of that. If there is one thing in your home that gets overlooked—one thing that hardly ever gets a good cleaning—it is your upholstered furniture. Did you know that we can can clean your furniture for you, too?

So, what are some indications that you should get your furniture cleaned? A lot of times, you don’t notice your furniture getting dirty—it’s not always apparent (much like your carpets). But, your furniture actually gets dirtier more quickly than your carpet does. You vacuum your carpet—not many people vacuum their furniture. Your furniture gets used every day, multiple times a day. If you have pets or kids, this increases. They play outside and them come sit on the couch. Kids are messy eaters, and they have a tendency to spill their drinks. Consider having your furniture cleaned every 6-12 months. Call Perfect Pear Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your upholstery cleaning now.

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