Creative Bedroom Decorating


When you choose to decorate your bedroom, you may find that it is one of the hardest parts of the home to decorate. Why is this? This is a place you might spend a lot of time, but it may not be as visible by other people. You will want it to be a warm and inviting place, but you may not feel as much of a push to decorate it. If you do decorate your bedroom in your new home, you will love the results and how much easier it is to relax in such a room. An important aspect of this is making sure your carpets are clean. Once this has been accomplished, your room will feel much more relaxing! Keep an eye out for our Orlando carpet cleaning specialists. Read on to find out more.

Paint the inside of your lampshades

If you use those greenish-tinted corkscrew bulbs, you may find yourself bathed in a green glow each night. To remedy this problem, paint the inside of your lampshades a very pale pink. This will combat the light.

Make simple slipcovers for the headboard

Get a great piece of fabric, cut out a front and a back, and stitch them together. Changing them up every season will help you give a spruce to your room and change it up often, without having to do a complete overhaul.

Put your bed in the middle of the room

One way to show your confidence is to put your bed in the middle of the room. Add bed curtains and it becomes a private domain. If you like the mattress to be a little higher (which will create more of  an ethereal feeling), purchase some bed lifts from Bed Bath and Beyond. They’re like high heels for beds. You’ll love it.

Get new bedding

New bedding can make your bedroom feel fresh and new again. Find sophisticated and gorgeous patterns without emptying your wallet.

Spruce up lonely corners

If you have a corner with nothing in it, make a rectangular pedestal out of plywood and lacquer it with high-gloss white paint. Anything you put on it suddenly becomes important, whether it’s a glass bowl or a concrete urn.

Integrate seasonal items

You can change your guest bed linens and winter clothes, and just be sure to rotate them in and out each season. Instead of just stuffing the extras in any available space, try some handsome storage like oversized baskets.

If you have any questions about how best to decorate your home or bedroom, talk to us today! When you have purchased your new home, it is important to add your own personal touches to it to make it more your own. If you want to add anything special, don’t hesitate! It’s not just about getting it to look like the magazines, it’s getting it to look like you. For more bedroom decorating tips, visit a website like Houzz or Pinterest and you find that you have many ideas in no time.

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