Cleaning Travertine

Keeping your home clean is a chore. There are many things in your life that can get in the way of you keeping your home clean. While you may try to designate one day a week to chores, it isn’t always something that you can stick too. When you are trying to keep your home clean, you may learn some different things that can help, like picking up as you go, and cleaning up spills as soon as they happen. While in theory this is great, it is not always realistic. When you have a family, they tend to do things on their own schedule.


All floors in the home are not created equal. Some floors are made of wood, tile, carpet, or even travertine. When it comes to cleaning all of your floors, you can’t use the same techniques for all of the floors. Certain floors require different techniques and react to different to spills and chemicals. If you have travertine in your home, then you may want to know what you should do in order to keep your it clean. Here are some tips from Materials Marketing, mstoneandtile, that you can use when cleaning your floors.


  1. Wipe up the spills as soon as possible. You should clean up the floors as quickly as possible with hot water and a stone cleaning product. A hard surface cleaner that you can use for stone is Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner. If you do it quickly then the stain will not be able to set in the stone.
  2. Use a dust mop. A dry dust mop is a safe way to clean the floor. Try not to vacuum the stone flooring because it can create chips and cracks.
  3. Use floor mats. Floor mats will help to collect the dirt in high traffic areas.
  4. Call a professional. When you do have stains, a professional is going to be able to get them out.


Perfect Pear Home Pros—your Orlando travertine cleaning and polishing company—is going to be able to give you the help that you need in cleaning your travertine flooring. When they are done with your floors you will be happy that they came. They will be able to make your flooring look as good as new. Call Perfect Pear Home Pros today so that you can get the help that you need.

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