Choosing New Carpet? 5 Things You Should know

If you have made the choice to install carpet in your home, there are five things you should consider as you make a choice.

What is the purpose of the room?

How a room is used is a big determinant factor in the type of carpet that would be best suited in that area. Rooms that are going to be used as formal dining areas can have carpet that is lighter, softer and more plush because you don’t have to worry about lots of traffic or regular spills. A room that is used more often for heavy duty activity will need a carpet that is made with darker and more durable fibers to withstand the test of time.

How much traffic does the room get?

If you are carpeting a room that is expecting a lot of traffic, it is probably a better idea to purchase carpet that is darker. That way, stains won’t show so easily and you can worry less about how much money you’ll end up spending on the carpet cleaning Orlando Fl families rely on the most.

Also consider carpets made with BCF fiber to keep your family from being covered with fibers from a shedding carpet. If the room being carpeted will have less traffic, this doesn’t need to concern you as much.

What is the size of the room?

You can make a small room feel bigger by using lighter colored carpet. You can make a big room feel cozy by using a darker colored carpet with warm undertones.

How is the room lit?

A carpet will look more true to color with the more natural light that enters a room. You want to avoid darker carpet in rooms that don’t get very much natural light.

How do you want the carpet to make you feel?

Carpets that are made with warmer tones can make you feel energized. Carpets that are made with cooler tones can make you feel calm.

All of this things will play a huge role in the color and style of carpet that would be best in your home. When you head out to choose your carpet, remember to bring samples of your home’s decor with you. Paint chips and upholstery swatches will help you be sure that you are getting a carpet that is cohesive with the decor that is already in your home.

Once you’ve installed your new carpet, make sure you extend its life by regularly scheduling the carpet cleaning Orlando residents love. Contact Perfect Pear to help you keep your carpet in its best condition for as long as possible. For more information about the best carpet cleaning Orlando offers, contact 407.688.2121.

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