Choosing the Right Grout

Choosing the right kind of tiles for your home can feel like a wedding ceremony. So, naturally, many people spend a lot of time pouring over their options. Surprisingly, when it comes time to choose the grout, that choice isn’t given much thought.

Unfortunately, that is not the best thing to do for your floors. What is the first thing you notice on older tile floors? The grout. It’s either chipped or dingy or falling out of the cracks completely. That’s why you really need to spend a fair amount of time thinking about the grout that will complete the overall look of your floor. To help make that choice a little easier, here are some tips.

Types of Grout

The first thing you want to consider is whether you will get a cement grout or an epoxy grout. The cement grout is a simple affordable option that is very easy to find in stores. The downside to this type of grout is that it doesn’t last as long as its more expensive counterparts. It is prone to cracking and discoloration mentioned earlier over time.

Epoxy grout is a great option for your tile floors because it is stronger and lasts much longer. You are much less likely to damage this kind of grout by regularly cleaning your floors. The only thing is that this grout type is more expensive and harder to find. You also may need the help of a professional to install it properly.

Another option to think about is sand. You can add sand to the grout you choose to make it stronger. It’ll also help keep the grout from shrinking or cracking. Just remember, the sand adds texture to the grout. So you can’t use this if the tiles are spaced smaller than an eighth of an inch apart.

Seal It Up

Tile floors that have light colored grout and will get a lot of traffic should be sealed. This is also important step for tile floors in areas that are like to get wet often like bathrooms and kitchens. If you can, get a sealant that is breathable, not “membrane-forming.” Otherwise, your sealant is likely to peel or get cloudy.

Choose a Color

Last but not least, you want to choose a color for your grout. The best thing to do is take samples home with you. Once the tile is placed, put the grout samples down on the floor so you can see what your color options will look like with the tile you chose and your home. There are three ways to pick a color.

First, you can pick a grout color that matches the tile you bought. This is wise if you have beautiful tiles that you want to stand out. Second, you can choose a grout color that contrasts the color of the tiles. You would only do this if your tiles are laid in a cool pattern and you want the pattern to stand out. If you just can’t decide on a color, you can choose a grout that’s neutral. A grey or beige grout is a safe choice that looks good with everything.

Just remember that if you choose a dark grout, it may fade over time. This is especially true if you use any bleach based product for your floors. If you choose a light grout, it is likely to get dingy in high traffic areas. It requires much more strict cleaning to remain looking new.

For right now, all you have to do is choose a grout. When it comes time for cleaning, you can always call Orlando carpet cleaning services for help. For more information about carpet cleaning in Orlando Fl, contact 407.688.2121.

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