Carpet cleaning: Grout

Grout is necessary for any tile areas in your home. It is a mixture of cement, sand and water. Combined together, this mixture can hold together tiles. Grout is an interesting material. One that can be hard to keep clean. It is supposed to be white in most cases to match the tile in your home. Dirt and other foreign mess stick to it and can be hard to get out. What do you do when you grout gets too dirty? In severe cases, if the grout won’t come up at all, you may need to seek the professional help from Perfect Pear to do the job. First try this home remedies that may be able to keep your tile clean.

First you need to simply do your normal cleaning routine. Whether it’s sweeping, mopping or swiffering your floors, this will get the top layer of dirt off. Next you need to create a cleaning solution. Mix together water, baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar. If you have an empty spray bottle, this can make the cleaning process much quicker. If not, that is okay, it just might take a bit longer to clean.

Spray the cleaning solution over a small area. Spray enough that the grout becomes damp. Leave the cleaning solution on the grout for about five minutes. This will let it sink in. After you have waited, you need to scrub the area. This can be done with a bristle brush, toothbrush or magic eraser. Check the grout as you are scrubbing. If it appears that the dirt is loosening then you are doing it right. If the grout still appears just as dirty as before, you may need to scrub a bit harder. Once you have effectively scrubbed the dirt off the grout, wipe it down with a rag and water. You should finish the cleaning process with a final mop down to ensure all dirt has been captured.

The process for cleaning grout is the same but you can use different cleaning solutions. You can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You can also use oxygen bleach. All work just as effectively.

The best option is to simply avoid dirty grout in the first place. It is fairly easy to avoid. Don’t wear shoes on your tile floor. You will track in dirt if you do. If anything gets spilled on the tile, clean it up immediately. This will ensure that the mess is not settling into the grout. Even if you do keep up your grout, small stains are still likely to occur. These can be treated with white toothpaste. Simply apply a dab of toothpaste to the dirty area and scrub. For really small stains, a pencil eraser can take away the dirt.

If you are having a hard time maintain clean grout in your home, Orlando carpet cleaning professionals can help you. It can be hard keeping up a clean home. Everyone lives busy lives and can’t consistently be cleaning up after themselves. Contact Perfect Pear at 407.688.2121 for all your carpet cleaning needs.

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