How does bleach kill plants?

Here are the 4 ways bleach kills plants:

Okay, we use bleach. Known as Sodium Hypochlorite. I mean we use tons. We buy bleach sometimes in excess of 50 gallons at a time.

We are not afraid of it. We know the variables. It is safe and predictable.

It’s when bleach is in an unskilled & uneducated hands that you have to worry.

Below you will find the 4 ways bleach kills plants and how we go about making sure that doesn’t happen on our jobs. We put this information on our website so you may feel comfortable when we clean at your home.

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Here are the 4 ways

1. Caustic Burns to Plants. 

Caused by caustic chemicals dripping down from roof onto plants. Avoided by rinsing the plants with water BEFORE & DURING service. If you do it before it will have a small coating of water on the plant.

2. Sunburn from using Plastic draped over plants. 

Caused by tarping. This will create a greenhouse effect trapping heat and moisture overheating the plant deep into the dermal layer. (think microwave effect) Plants cannot stand more than 15 minutes of exposure to plastic.

Avoided by having a ground guy watering constantly controlling run-off by the correct sprayer tips, equipment and spraying technique.

3. Salt poisoning from Bleach. 

Caused by bleach. Also known as Sodium Hypochlorite. Bleach is made from Salt. Salt is the active ingredient in most herbicides. (weed killers)

Avoided by watering down the bleach and diluting the salt content.

4. Kill-Off of Beneficial Bacteria in soil around plants. 

Caused by bleach coming in contact with the plant and soil.

Avoided by watering before, during and after.

This is what sets us apart from the pack:

If you read all of that good for you. Now you’re really going to enjoy this next part.

We use a special product that does the following to protect your landscape while we use Bleach on your property:

  1. Our product Neutralizes Bleach Residue COMPLETELY.
  2.  Our product Liquid Feeds the Plants through Leaves.
  3. Our product Buffers the leaves of the plant against further exposure.
  4. Our product reestablishes The Good/Beneficial bacteria in the Soil.

Nobody really uses that product. We are unique in our approach to clean.

What happens if you don’t use bleach? Are there alternatives to bleach? What happens if you don’t use bleach?

We can tell you that you will clean. But it won’t stay clean for long. Understanding what you clean is as important as cleaning itself. You’ve got to know why you are using the product and for what purposes.

Bleach kills organic “stuff”. It’s not good for graffiti or rust but it is great for mold, mildew & fungus.

If you clean mold, mildew & fungus (we call it the “funk”) with just a pressure washer then you will irritate and cause more harm than good.

Here is an example, if you cut your hair (generally) it will grow back thicker and stronger. If you mow your grass (generally) it will grow back thicker and stronger. If you pressure wash “the funk” it will grow back quicker, thicker and stronger.

Have you noticed that? We have customers who get their roofs cleaned (link to roof cleaning page), for example, every year and when they call us and ask us to do it and we are three times higher than the last guy and we tell them our roofs stay clean for 3 to 5 years they don’t believe us. Because they are used to someone coming to their home and cleaning their roof with a pressure washer. Sure it looks clean but when you clean “The Funk” you are dealing with a plant and a pressure washer isn’t going to kill the ROOT of the plant.

That is why we use bleach. We are dealing with a plant and we want that plant destroyed by a predictable, safe oxidizer known as Bleach.

Are there alternatives to bleach?

Yes, one of the big ones is called Copper Sulfate. Farmers have been using it for years. We don’t like it. We recently did a test with Copper sulfate, Bleach and an Oxy product our industry was bragging about at the time.

The results? (insert picture of results here)

The bleach instantly gave us results. The oxy product was removing some dirt but we could tell it would take a lot of product to match the bleach. (I wonder why? More chemical sales maybe?) and we are still waiting for the Copper Sulfate to work. 🙂

When we started cleaning we got the best education, equipment and products so you will feel safe and secure you are hiring the right company. Please call us to get a quote and schedule your service.