The Best Home Cleaning Tips

You might find that your home is full of dirty things and you don’t know how best to clean them. Luckily, we know how best to do this, and you will love the results if you follow our tips! Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be very difficult, as long as you understand how best to do this. Read on to find out more.

Clean your: air conditioner

Your air conditioner will always be in use, especially in the hotter months. This is a machine that takes in air, which means that it also takes in dust and other particles and dirt that are in the air. If you don’t know how to clean it, never fear: read on to find out more. Turn off the power on your air conditioner and pull out the filters. Fill a sink with soapy warm water, and soak your filter. This will remove any residue. Replace it, and watch your A/C run smoother!

Clean your: glasses

Find your glasses or sunglasses with a lot of spots or specs? Dip them in a bowl of water and some dishwashing liquid. Swirl them around for a few seconds and try to get all the spots off. Once clean, dry them off with a towel that is made of cotton. An important aspect of this is to never use paper towels. Paper towels have fibers in them that can scratch the lenses of your glasses.

Clean your: knives

If you have good and expensive knives, you should never place them in the dishwasher to be cleaned. This is because ingredients that are in dish soap can actually make the blades bend and damage the handles. It is also a bad a idea to soak your knives, because this can rust the knives. Be sure that you don’t do this. Wash your knives with hot and soapy water and be sure to dry immediately after. You’ll have much better results.

Clean your: hardwood floors

Cleaning your floors once a week will pick up dirt that will get around on your floor and cause scratches. Dust your floors first with a dry mop to remove any problems. Next, get your mop wet and then buff it with a soft cloth. You’ll love the results.

Have any questions about how best to clean your floors or home? Contact our Orlando carpet cleaning specialists for more information. We can help you understand how best to clean your home so that it looks sparkling and fresh as often as possible. If you are careful with how you clean, you will find that you have much better success and understand what you need to do to keep your home looking great. If you are concerned about any of these techniques, just speak with us and we can help you! Cleaning your home is a great way to get something great for you, and you’ll love the results. Talk to us today.

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