Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips

Caring for your carpet is the best way to keep it clean for the long haul. Read on to find out some more about some basic carpet cleaning tips. You’ll love the way your carpet looks and feels after you employ these techniques.

Vacuum often 

Carpet is like a giant air filter, collecting our home’s dust and dirt. These two products act like fine sandpaper, which wears down carpet fibers over time. Skip a full-home vacuum in favor of vacuuming high-traffic areas once a week or more often. If you quickly vacuum the high-soil areas in the entries and toward the front of your home, you can add years to the life of your carpet.

Take it slow

As soon as stains happen, be sure to take care of them, if possible. Most carpets are made to resist liquid penetration for a time, so if you blot (don’t rub!) it dry with a clean cloth, the stain may not have a chance to set. If blotting doesn’t do the trick, move on to treating with natural options, such as borax or soda water, or store-bought cleaners. Always follow instructions on labels.

Match your vacuum to your needs

The price and beauty of your vacuum are not good indicators of performance when it comes to vacuums. Pick one based on the function rather than the price tag. Do you have shedding pets? Choose a vacuum that has a hose and multiple attachments. Do you have stairs? Find a light one, or one with a removable stair-cleaning attachment.

Maintain your vacuum

You may often see vacuums that have stopped working due to lack of care. Empty the canister or bag frequently, check the hoses for clogs, and change the filter when it starts to turn gray. A decent vacuum should last you at least five to 10 years, as long as you maintain it in the proper manner. Protect your investment, no matter how small.

Go professional

Consider having your carpet cleaned professionally by our Orlando carpet cleaning specialists. We can help you with anything you need, and you will be surprised by how great your carpets look. Rental machines that require special solutions can leave dirt-attracting residue in your carpet. Use a reputable service instead.

If you need your carpets cleaned, contact us today. We can help you with all your carpet cleaning needs, and get you back on the way to having beautiful carpets before you know it. If you have any questions about your carpet cleaning needs, talk to us and we can help you understand how best to do so. We understand the importance of keeping your carpets clean. Contact us today for the best carpet clean of your life. And do the basics so your carpets will look wonderful in the meantime.

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