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Planning a Move?

Moving is rarely an easy process. There’s paperwork to complete, movers to hire and the long process of sorting and packing your belongings to ensure they survive the move without any dings, dents or other damage. An equally important step is cleaning your house or apartment thoroughly before you leave. This ensures the next resident moves into a clean, neat space they can make their own. In addition, if you’re renting, your former landlord might charge a cleaning fee or keep your deposit if you don’t clean the residence before vacating.

The following checklist can help you ensure you’re prepared for your move and make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Purge Old Belongings Before You Leave

Several weeks before you plan to move, go through everything you own, and separate your possessions into things you definitely want to keep and items you want to throw away or donate. This makes it easier to clean before you move because there’s less to deal with, so you can dramatically cut down on the amount of time necessary to make your place ready for the next occupant. Items to discard might include worn furniture, appliances that don’t work properly, or simply odds and ends that you no longer have use for.

Identify Areas In Need of Cleaning

Some areas may require deep cleaning before the home can be ready for someone new to move in. For example, maybe the carpet is grimy and in need of cleaning. A few weeks before your move, walk through the home in search of particularly troublesome spots. Clean them early instead of waiting until the last minute. In addition, some might require professional cleaning services, and you’ll need to determine this well in advance in case it’s difficult to book an appointment.

Dispose of Refuse and Chemicals

Don’t leave behind garbage or potentially toxic chemicals such as cleansers. A few weeks before your move, inspect your home for anything that might require special handling. Some chemical-based cleaners, for example, might need to be taken to a disposal facility.

You can certainly clean your home or apartment yourself, but to make your move easier, consider investing in professional housekeeping services, such as those offered by Perfect Pear Home Pros. We cater to residents in Orlando and surrounding areas who want only the best when it comes to cleaning their home. We can handle everything from fine fabrics to floors, ensuring that your home is pristine and ready for the next occupant. Call (407)688-2121 to schedule your appointment today

House Cleaning

Busy Day

For many of us, busy is an understatement. Today’s families are on the go morning, noon and night. Between work, school, and extra-curricular activities, the last thing you want to do is clean your hose.


It Is Possible

A clean home with your busy life, is possible. Perfect Pear Home Pros, your Orlando housekeeping company is providing excellent service to those who want help with cleaning their home.


Put Your Mind at Ease

Don’t add more stress to your everyday life, call us today at (407)688-2121 to get a free estimate. With Perfect Pear Home Pros, you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The Benefit of Having a Clean Home

A clean home is a happy home! Let the professionals at Perfect Pear Home Pros clean, sanitize and organize your home. When there’s order in your home, there’s order in your life!

Cleaning Granite

Cleaning tables is not always simple. People do not always do the proper things when they are cleaning, which is not always good. If you are not properly cleaning your counters, then you are putting your home at risk for different bugs and ants. You can also put your family at risk for different allergens. Here are some tips from WikiHow,, on how to clean your granite countertops.


  1. Wipe off any spills or sticky residue that is on the counter. You should also wipe off any debris that you may have. Be sure to move appliances off of the table so that you can get a great clean.
  2. Use a neutral cleaner to remove crumbs or other debris.
  3. Do not use any ammonia, vinegar, or lemon cleaners on your granite.
  4. Use a clean white cloth while you are cleaning.
  5. Hire the professionals


When it comes to keeping your counters clean and in great condition, call Perfect Pear Home Pros—your Orlando natural stone polishing granite company—to give you a clean home and counters. Perfect Pear Home Pros has a cleaning solution for granite countertops that will help to restore your granite and make it look as good as new.


In order to keep your granite looking great and last a long time, it is important that you clean them properly. Any type of surface or flooring in your home is important to keep clean. Having a clean home is better for your health as well as for the health of the people that come and visit your home. Perfect Pear Home Pros can help you with cleaning your home as well as help to provide you with a satisfied feeling of knowing that your home is clean. Call Perfect Pear Home Pros today so that you can get the help that you need for your home.

Keeping the House Clean

Having a clean house is something that we all want. Perfect Pear Home Pros understand that not everyone is able to clean their home as frequently as they want. When it comes to cleaning your home, you tend to clean when you have free time. Free time is something that is not easy to come by. As your family grows, you are being stretched thin on time. You need to split your time between raising your family, working, and making it to every activity that your family has going on. On top of all that, you have to make dinner, pay bills, and somewhere in there find time to relax and rest. While you may find time to surface clean, you do not always have the time that you want to give your home the cleaning that you need.


If you are making the decision to have someone clean your home, Perfect Pear Home Pros should be at the top of your list. With Perfect Pear Home Pros your home will be cleaned by a staff of professionals who have gone through comprehensive training. You will know that the people cleaning your home are trustworthy and skilled.


Perfect Pear Home Pros will be able to clean all of the rooms in your home. They will dust all of your furniture, picture frames, lamps, woodwork, baseboards, shelves and other places that collect dust. We will remove cobwebs, vacuum carpets, door mats, and area rugs. They will also sweep your home and wash all hard resilient floors, as well as empty all of your wastebaskets.


Perfect Pear Home Pros will also clean your bathrooms and kitchen. You deserve to have a clean home, and Perfect Pear Home Pros wants to help you get that. Call Perfect Pear Home Pros—your Orlando housekeeping company—today.

Cleaning Floors to Prepare for a Move

One thing that many people do in their lives is move. A lot of people move every five to six years. Over time, there can be a lot of damage that is done to flooring that you may not even really notice until you are getting ready to move. You may also experience some issues during your move where your floors can get ruined.



  1. You can have rug runners on your floors which will protect them while the movers are moving your furniture.


Moving can do a lot of damage to your floors. When you know that you are moving, you are going to want to make sure that damage doesn’t occur. The last thing that you want to do is spend money fixing a house that you are no longer going to be living in. However, there is some damage that you are not going to be able to avoid, and some damage may have been done a long time ago and you didn’t know about it. That damage could include spills on the carpets and scrapes on the floors. During the process of moving, you will notice the damage that has been done to your carpets. When you are notice this, it would be a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Cleaning your floors will make your home more appealing to potential sellers. Perfect Pear Home Pros will not only clean your floors, but will make it look like new.


At Perfect Pear Home Pros, not only can they give your floors a new look, but they can also help you with the cleaning of your home.  Moving is very stressful and having professional help to clean your home will not only boost your chance for selling, but will also give you peace of mind by eliminating items on your to-do list.  Get started today by calling PPHP – your Orlando full-service cleaning company!

Cleaning Travertine

Keeping your home clean is a chore. There are many things in your life that can get in the way of you keeping your home clean. While you may try to designate one day a week to chores, it isn’t always something that you can stick too. When you are trying to keep your home clean, you may learn some different things that can help, like picking up as you go, and cleaning up spills as soon as they happen. While in theory this is great, it is not always realistic. When you have a family, they tend to do things on their own schedule.


All floors in the home are not created equal. Some floors are made of wood, tile, carpet, or even travertine. When it comes to cleaning all of your floors, you can’t use the same techniques for all of the floors. Certain floors require different techniques and react to different to spills and chemicals. If you have travertine in your home, then you may want to know what you should do in order to keep your it clean. Here are some tips from Materials Marketing, mstoneandtile, that you can use when cleaning your floors.


  1. Wipe up the spills as soon as possible. You should clean up the floors as quickly as possible with hot water and a stone cleaning product. A hard surface cleaner that you can use for stone is Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner. If you do it quickly then the stain will not be able to set in the stone.
  2. Use a dust mop. A dry dust mop is a safe way to clean the floor. Try not to vacuum the stone flooring because it can create chips and cracks.
  3. Use floor mats. Floor mats will help to collect the dirt in high traffic areas.
  4. Call a professional. When you do have stains, a professional is going to be able to get them out.


Perfect Pear Home Pros—your Orlando travertine cleaning and polishing company—is going to be able to give you the help that you need in cleaning your travertine flooring. When they are done with your floors you will be happy that they came. They will be able to make your flooring look as good as new. Call Perfect Pear Home Pros today so that you can get the help that you need.

Cleaning Up After Pets

We all love our pets, that is why we have them in the first place. While we love our pets, we could do without all of the hair and messes that they leave behind. When our pets do mess on the floor, it is important that we take care of the problem quickly.


Here are some tips to cleaning up your animal messes:

  1. Soak up as much urine as possible. If you can remove as much urine as possible before it dries, then you will be able to eliminate some of the smell.
  2. Use a cleaner to clean up the mess. We recommend using 2/3 water and 1/3 white distilled vinegar as the cleaner. Perfect Pear Home Pros can also provide you with a free bottle of spotter with lifetime refills for all of their clients.


If you have older stains on your carpet that have already dried, then there are other things that you can do.

  1. Use a wet vac. This will help to rid your home of the stains.
  2. Use a pet odor neutralizer, like white distilled vinegar. This will help with the smell.
  3. Use a good stain remover, like the lifetime bottle of spotter from Perfect Pear Home Pros
  4. Avoid steam cleaners.
  5. Avoid cleaning chemicals.
  6. Hire the professionals.


While urination stains can cause problems with your carpet, so can their hair. Shedding can be very frustrating when it comes to your animals. When you have an animal that sheds you find their hair everywhere, and it isn’t always easy to clean up. You may use a lint roller on your clothing, but you can’t necessarily use that on your carpets. The sticky film on the roller can possibly damage your carpets, leaving you with a bigger mess than you originally have.


One thing that you can consider when trying to rid your carpets of animal hair, is using rubber brooms or rug rakes. The rubber broom or rug rake will be able to pick up animal hair that can be difficult for your vacuum to get.


No matter what kind of mess your pets leave behind, you can take comfort in knowing that you are able to be free of the mess. Perfect Pear Home Pros—your Orlando carpet cleaning company—can help you with all of your cleaning needs. they will be able to give you the clean home that you want. Call them today so that you can get the carpets you need.

Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

If you live with a woman–whether a wife, sister, mother, child, or friend–you run the risk of getting nail polish on your carpet. Even when being incredibly careful, accidents happen. At first, it might seem like a horrible spill that will be difficult to get out of the carpet, but I think you will be surprised by how easy it really is.

The first thing you will need is a non-acetone nail polish remover.  While it should not stain or damage your carpet, you should always do a spot test when using something other than water or vinegar on your carpets.  Choose a small area of the carpet out of the way (we like the inside corner of a closet) and apply a little of the nail polish remover.  Wait a few minutes and check the spot. If there is any sign of damage (like discoloration) to the carpet, do not use the nail polish remover on your carpets.  If there is no indication of damage, move on to the next step.

Take a white tissue or paper towel and apply some of the nail polish remover to the tissue. Then use the tissue to blot the nail polish. It will gradually come up. It will likely take 5-10 minutes of blotting, depending on the size of the spill, so be patient, and change out your tissue as needed. You will be done when no color is showing up on the tissue.

If you are having trouble, or just want to have a professional take care of it for you, call your Orlando carpet cleaning specialists–Perfect Pear Carpet Cleaning today!

Wax: A Carpet’s Nemesis

A lot of people enjoy candles, or wax warmers, but if you have carpets, you run a risk every time you use one.  Melted wax, if spilled on a carpet, creates a hard spot on the carpet the color of the wax. It is noticeable, and it takes some work to remove. The wax completely coats the carpet fibers it hits, so it is a deep “stain” and in order to get rid of that hard, waxy feel, you have to get as much of it up as possible. Here are some tips:

If you see the spill happen, grab something that you don’t mind throwing away (paper towel, rag, etc.) and get it on the spill immediately. Wax cools–and therefore hardens–quickly, so if you don’t get something on it right away, you aren’t going to get anything up that way.  When you are no longer getting anything up with the rag (just press on it, don’t scrub), get your iron out and get it heating up.

While it is heating up, gather some more paper towels and rags  that you are okay throwing away. Once they get waxy, they won’t be reusable.

Place a few layers of paper towels over the waxy area and then place the rage on top of them. Press the iron down onto the rag and hold it in place for about 10 seconds. Then move the iron to another spot and hold it in place for about 10 seconds. Keep moving the iron from one place to another until either you need to change paper towels or no more wax is getting absorbed by the paper towels.

You will need to be patient with this process–it is not a quick one. You are essentially reheating the wax and trying to absorb it into the paper towels as much as you can. Alternatively, you can call you Orlando carpet cleaners–Perfect Pear Carpet Cleaning to help tackle that stain for you!

They’re Done. Now What?

You scheduled the carpet cleaners to come out and clean your carpets, you prepared for them like you were supposed to, they came and did a great job and now they are gone. And you carpets are damp and you have foam blocks under the legs of your furniture and you do not know what you are supposed to do now. Do not worry—a lot of people find themselves in your position. They think through the carpet cleaning, but then realize they do not know what they are supposed to do afterward.


First, take a deep breath and breathe in that refreshing smell of clean carpets. Look around and enjoy the appearance of them. Then, and only then, start thinking about what you are supposed to post-cleaners:

  1. The dampness of your carpets is normal. I recommend going either barefoot or putting on a brand new pair of slippers or flip flops while they dry out. If you wear socks, they will be wet in no time and wet socks is one of the most miserable things I can think of. Be careful as you cross from a carpeted room to a non-carpeted room; the moisture will make if easier to slip. If you want to speed up the drying process, considering opening your windows and turning on the ceiling fans. If you have box fans, you can set those up as well.
  2. Keep those foam blocks in place until the carpet is dry. Once it is dry, you are free to remove them and throw them away.
  3. Consider ways to keep your carpet clean for as long as possible—now might be the time to implement that no-shoes policy or to make sure you have doormats by all of your doors.


To schedule your professional carpet cleaning (and to ask any questions you may have), call Perfect Pear Carpet Cleaning—your Orlando carpet cleaning specialists—today!