Specialized Area Rug Cleaning

It’s all about clean! We offer a full range of cleaning services for all the rugs in your home or business. From cleaning bounded carpet to delicate silk and wool area rugs, we can take care of it. We emphasize customer satisfaction. This means you can be certain that your cleaning will not only be the best you have ever had, but that services will be performed in accordance with the cleaning industry’s highest levels of quality.

Here are some of the Services we perform:

Rug Washing –

This is our basic service that all rugs receive. Whether that is a full submerged cleaning like they do in Iran where we mimic a river or just a solution cleaning for fragile Silk Rugs. Whatever the case may be, each rug is individually washed and prescribed the right cleaning method. Platinum, Gold, and Silver are the cleaning options to choose from.

Guaranteed Odor Removal –

Perfect Pear Home Pros is the Odor Removal Experts. Nobody removes odor as well as we do. We Guarantee our work, or you don’t pay a penny so we HAVE to be good…or we’d go broke.

Flood/Fire Services –

Have a rug that has been in a flood or a fire? We can take care of the smoke smell, soot or the stinky odor from a category 3 water loss.

Storage & Wrapping –

Planning on moving to a new home or out of state and you want to have your rug cleaned before you go into your new home? How about your doing some remodeling and you don’t want all of that dust to get all over your area rug? Some folks just want to store their rug for a while and not use it. Whatever the case may be we can expertly wrap and store your rug for you. Keep it at our top of the line facility for $30 per month or Store it in your home. We’ll wrap it the way it should be so you won’t have any surprises when you open it.

Moth/Anti-Allergen (Dust Mites) –

Moths love wool. Why? Because they can plant their eggs on a wool area rug and if it is the right environment the Larva will hatch and start feeding. We have products to put down to make the wool sour and uninviting to Moths and Larva. Protect your investment and get Moth Protection now. The perfect rug for larva is the one that is undisturbed and usually in the shade and under a piece of furniture. Maybe in a room that is usually left alone. If that describes your rug you might want to check underneath furniture legs and inspect your rugs before it’s too late.

Protector –

There are 5 things protector does for your area rug.

  • Fills in the dye sites of the yarn with a clear resin. If the dye sites are filled then “other” foreign dyes (like urine, kool-aid and spaghetti sauce) can’t penetrate the yarn and make a spot turn into a stain.
  • It coats your fabric. Coating your fabric without attracting soil will make your vacuuming 10x more effective because the soil can’t latch on to the rug as easily and thus will be removed easier with vacuuming.
  • Clean-up is a snap. We give all of our customers a free bottle of spotter to use on their area rug. The chances increase dramatically to remove the spot when you have protector added to your fabric. And some spots can be easily removed with water.
  • Your area rug will clean up easier the next time because the dirt is on the protector and not on the fabric.
  • Saves you money from having expensive service calls to spot clean your area rug when the chances of you removing the spot increases.

Stain Removal and Coloring –

Have a spot that has been plaguing your rug? Need an area treated with more dye? We are your Full Service Rug Cleaning Company and can restore your area rugs appearance.

Repair –

Have a corner missing? Dry rot? Moth Damage? Need a part of the rug re-woven? Our expert weavers can make short work of restoring your area rug.

Wool Revitalization –

Wool is dead once it is in your rug but did you know it can still repair itself? We have a conditioner for wool that will strengthen the fabric and bring the color back to richer tones.

Tufted Rug Backing –

Have a back of your rug that has a canvas attached to it? We can re-apply the glue needed to fix your rug. Those machine tufted rugs can be restored.

Blocking/Pressing –

Do you have a rug that is prone to shrinking or curling? Have one now? Want it fixed? Need we say more?

Rug Pad –

We have the best rug pad in the industry. This pad won’t ruin any wood finish or slip around when walked on. Rug pad is important when you walk on the rug. You want the fibers to be pressed down on something that is soft and not hard. Rugs with a pad underneath last longer than rugs that don’t. And they wear easier too. You should always have a quality rug pad underneath your area rug.

Pick-Up/Delivery –

We offer a $25 pick-up and $25 Delivery fee. However, if you drop your rug off at our Plant location you will receive 10% off all cleaning services.

Rug Dusting –

Comes with our Rug Washing Service but if you just want the dry particulate soil out of the rug we can do that for you. The machine we use is a rug cub, known as one of the industries best dry soil removing machine.

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