Your Antique Rug May Not Be As Old As You Think

Unless your antique rug is hand-knotted, there is a good chance your rug is not as old as you think.

Before we explain why, here is a little history of Persian carpets.

The reason most people love these types of rugs is because the subtle design elements scream class and sophistication. Depending on what part of the world your rug comes from, the design itself can be flowery or geometrical, delicate or animalistic.

The true story behind these details goes back a lot further than many people realize. Often times, when thoughts stray to oriental rugs, people conjure up ideas of royal chambers, feasts and high-born status. For a couple centuries around year 1500, oriental rugs were deemed too valuable to be stepped on. That is why you see oriental tapestries hanging from the walls in the movies set in this time period.

The truth is, the real history of Oriental rugs goes back even further. Go all the way back to 3000 BCE. During this time, the Nomadic tribes in Mongolia and Turkey used the wool from their herds to make the first carpets to keep their homes warm in harsh winters. By 1000 BCE, weavers were so talented they were able to squeeze as many as 300 knots into a rug per square inch.

When the weaving trend made it to Persia, those weavers really perfected the process. Rugs became paintings with highly detailed images crafted with 500 knots per square inch.

Hand-knotted vs. Handmade

This is where you may feel like you’ve been duped. Unless your Oriental rug is “hand-knotted,” it probably doesn’t have the history you were told it does. Even rugs that are labeled as handmade could be made by machines. Obviously, that significantly reduces the window of time during which the rug could have been made.

Experts say it’s almost impossible for non-experts to tell the difference between true antique rugs and a newer creation that has been processed to look antique. One expert recommended that you can only shop for antique rugs through a source you can trust. There are people out there who can make a rug look like it’s been worn over the years when really, it just came off of a mechanical loom.

One way you can tell is the price. Naturally, an authentic antique Oriental rug will be much more expensive than one of it’s processed counterparts.

Another way is to look at the rug very closely. Persian weavers were known for weaving little “errors” into their creations on purpose. The point was to let the world know that there was beauty that could not be replicated by machines. So if the pattern of the knots looks perfectly consistent all the way through the rug, yours may be a fake.

Even if your antique rug isn’t as old as you think it is, it is still beautiful and deserves to be taken care of. Contact the experts in Orlando carpet cleaning services to preserve the life of your rugs. The professionals at Perfect Pear are experienced at cleaning even the most delicate of materials. For more information about the carpet cleaning service Orlando FL trusts most, contact 407.688.2121.

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