5 Perfect Valentine’s Dates on Your Living Room Carpet

If you’ve never equated a freshly cleaned carpet with a night of romance, well, maybe you’re not thinking creatively enough. We have four perfectly romantic reasons to get your carpet cleaned before Cupid makes his appearance this year. After all, what’s more cozy and economical than an evening at home on a freshly cleaned carpet?

Picnic: Who needs a park or even some sunshine? Grab a blanket and a basket and a few candles for a romantic picnic at home. We suggest cheese and wine, although you may want to go with white, or you might be calling us again very shortly.

Camp-In: Forget about packing the car or braving the wild outdoors. Pitch a tent on your living room carpet for a fun and spontaneous “camp-in.” Quirky but fun, this date can make you feel like a teenager again, and if you get too uncomfortable, your bed is still just a staircase away.

Twister: Cuddling’s nice, but full body contact is better – especially mixed with plenty of laughter.  Spread your Twister grid on top of your carpet and start some friendly – and flirty – competition. Want to up the stakes? Winner gets a backrub!

Massage “Parlor:” Who needs to spend big bucks on a professional massage when you get a deluxe – and more romantic – rub-down on your own carpet? Grab a pillow and let your significant other get cozy on the carpet. Then give them a stress-relieving (aromatherapy?) massage complete with candles and soft music.

Movie Night: There’s a reason it’s become a cliché. Movie nights (with extra cuddling) are low-key and romantic. Skip the couch this time and throw some cushions and blankets on the floor for one (or five) romantic comedies. Don’t forget the popcorn and the Swedish Fish!

Got any great ideas on making the most of your clean carpet this Valentine’s Day? Share them below!

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