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3rd Generation Rug Cleaner, Grandma and Gatorland

My opinionated Iranian Grandma came to visit and I learned I am a 3rd Generation Rug Cleaner!  The rest of the story goes like this…

My Dad picks her up at the airport on Thursday at like 11:00 pm. Friday, I don’t hear anything. So I call and ask “what’s up? Do I get to see my Grandma?”

So, my Dad says, “Sure, of course. I’m going to take her to one of those helicopter rides and then to gator land. Would you like to come with us to Gator land?”

I’m like, “I’d love to but I’ve got 4 kids and they turn into Demon Children after 7 pm so I’d like it to be early if that’s cool?”

“Yeah, yeah, no problem. I’ll let you know.”

Saturday morning comes and we know nothing will happen in the morning because it never does. So my wife, the kids and I head to IKEA! We dropped our two youngest off at the daycare and strolled IKEA before they made us come back and pick up our kids, ugh… We need more storage in our home so that is what we were buying. Storage to hold all of our crap.

So, my Dad texts me at like 3 pm, “We are heading for the helicopter ride.”

I was so annoyed I just said, “ok.” In my mind, I was already not going. Who goes to Gator Land at like 5 pm? My Dad goes to Gatorland at like 5 pm. That’s who. He takes my 82-year-old grandma to Gator Land. We were not going that late. No sir-ree-bob. I don’t want cranky children.

He tells me later that for the helicopter ride she was nervous to get on the tour but afterward asked, “That was short.” Then for Gatorland, she wanted to leave after 15 minutes. She says, “Is this all there is?” And my Dad wheeled her back out to be in the nice cool car with the AC.

So, they came to the house and we enjoyed our time together. Showed her our new home and ate some chocolate cake she brought by. We got pictures of all the kids and her. It was fun.

I’m sure glad I didn’t try to push Gatorland into the mix so late in the day.

We got talking about area rugs and how they make many rugs near and around her village in Iran. She also has done a lot of repairs on area rugs herself. Therefore, I can claim I’m a 3rd generation area rug cleaner now!

Take care for now!

Deland Moghimi


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