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The Use of Travertine in Homes and the Importance of Keeping It Clean

Travertine is a multi-purpose finish made from rock that’s typically used for floors but is also ideal for design elements such as backsplashes and many more. The use of travertine dates back centuries,  and was often used in the construction of major monuments and buildings. Travertine is sturdy and long-lasting, but does need to be cleaned and maintained.  With proper care, it should last for decades. The following tips explain how travertine is used in homes and what you need to do to maintain it.


Uses for Travertine

Travertine is popular as a finish for floors, but it’s also used for bathroom tiles, including showers. It’s also ideal for stepping stones for your garden or yard, for the backsplash in your kitchen and even for outdoor decks surrounding pools. It’s also commonly used for fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs, steps and even walls.


Clean Up Spills Promptly

While travertine is durable, it’s also more prone to damage from acidic substances than other finishes. Acidic substances include everything from wine and coffee to cleaning products. If any of these spill and are not blotted up promptly, they could make the finish dull or could leave a permanent stain. This is one reason why you should always use coasters on any surface covered with travertine. This can protect the surface from moisture or spills and prevent messes that must be cleaned up.


Use Safe Cleaning Methods

While you want to clean your travertine surfaces regularly, you want to do so in a way that won’t damage them. Since some cleaning products are too harsh for travertine, there are specific methods and cleaning agents you should use to keep the material in tiptop shape without damaging it. In fact, you should only use hot water for cleaning up spills. Maintain your travertine with a cleaner made specifically for stone — do this once a day. You can occasionally use a mild soap, but if you use it more than a few times a year it could cause the finish to become dull. When cleaning travertine, only use something gentle such as a chamois or a cotton cleaning cloth.


At Perfect Pear Home Pros, we offer travertine cleaning in the Orlando and surrounding areas and can also clean and restore other surfaces such as carpet, tile and wood. Call us today to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can enhance your home.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your home is your castle and every area in your home is a royal place. But out of all the areas in the home, the bathroom has a uniqueness of its own, because it is a place of solitude and a place where serenity must always be found. We’ve heard it said before, “that cleanliness is next to godliness”, so the importance of keeping your bathroom ‘divine’ and immaculately clean cannot be underestimated. However, for most people it is the most dreaded place to clean, so here are some simple tips to ease the burden, and to more efficiently produce the desired results.

Gather your supplies

Have everything you need to clean ready – the basics include:

  1. Your desired cleaning agents (Bleach, Pine cleaner, Comet, Glass cleaner for your mirror, and tile cleaner for floors if necessary).
  2. Cleaning tools (gloves, toilet brush, clean rags, mop, scrub brush, and a non-streaking, lint-free cloth for mirrors).
  3. An open mind and good attitude never hurts.

Let’s get the ball rolling and it will be over with before you know it

Clear everything from the counters so there is nothing in the way. Spray everything, the counters, tub, shower walls, and the exterior of the toilet. You should put some pine or desired cleaner inside the toilet bowl to soak in and then get to scrubbing. In the tub add a little warm to hot water, scrub everywhere, then rinse and rinse again. Approach the toilet, use the scrub brush for the inside, and then work on the exterior. Next wipe down the outside with a dry cloth. Proceed to mirrors with the non-streaking, lint-free cloth. Finally, with a fresh cloth rinse your sink and counters and dry with a fresh rag. Inspect and a smile should start to replace the frown.

Believe it or not you are almost there

Next, it’s time to work on the floors. If you have ceramic floors you will need tile and grout cleaner. To take your tile to the highest level of clean you will want to take a tough brush and get in between the lines. For regular floors just put your mop right into action with the appropriate cleaner. Inspect and again let the smile shine.

Final Steps

Believe it or not you are almost done. Take all your dirty rags and mop, and locate them to be cleaned. Place all your countertop items back where they belong and then here comes the prize… Go use the bathroom. Relax, take a bath, or do whatever you like, and enjoy your clean and fresh room of meditation. You are done!

Planning a Move?

Moving is rarely an easy process. There’s paperwork to complete, movers to hire and the long process of sorting and packing your belongings to ensure they survive the move without any dings, dents or other damage. An equally important step is cleaning your house or apartment thoroughly before you leave. This ensures the next resident moves into a clean, neat space they can make their own. In addition, if you’re renting, your former landlord might charge a cleaning fee or keep your deposit if you don’t clean the residence before vacating.

The following checklist can help you ensure you’re prepared for your move and make the process less stressful and more enjoyable.

Purge Old Belongings Before You Leave

Several weeks before you plan to move, go through everything you own, and separate your possessions into things you definitely want to keep and items you want to throw away or donate. This makes it easier to clean before you move because there’s less to deal with, so you can dramatically cut down on the amount of time necessary to make your place ready for the next occupant. Items to discard might include worn furniture, appliances that don’t work properly, or simply odds and ends that you no longer have use for.

Identify Areas In Need of Cleaning

Some areas may require deep cleaning before the home can be ready for someone new to move in. For example, maybe the carpet is grimy and in need of cleaning. A few weeks before your move, walk through the home in search of particularly troublesome spots. Clean them early instead of waiting until the last minute. In addition, some might require professional cleaning services, and you’ll need to determine this well in advance in case it’s difficult to book an appointment.

Dispose of Refuse and Chemicals

Don’t leave behind garbage or potentially toxic chemicals such as cleansers. A few weeks before your move, inspect your home for anything that might require special handling. Some chemical-based cleaners, for example, might need to be taken to a disposal facility.

You can certainly clean your home or apartment yourself, but to make your move easier, consider investing in professional housekeeping services, such as those offered by Perfect Pear Home Pros. We cater to residents in Orlando and surrounding areas who want only the best when it comes to cleaning their home. We can handle everything from fine fabrics to floors, ensuring that your home is pristine and ready for the next occupant. Call (407)688-2121 to schedule your appointment today