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5 easy steps to remove Pet Urine, odors and Stains from fabric in Orlando, fl

We love our pets right?


Did you hesitate? How about, we love them when they don’t #1 or #2 or #3 (what’s number 3?) on our precious carpets, upholstery or area rugs!

It can be very frustrating to come home to a big mess that totally ruins your evening and/or your day.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Below are 5 easy steps you can take to help you out in this awful and sometimes smelly situation:


Yep, you read it right. A spoon will help you “pick-up” any droppings or excess urine from the fabric without fraying or matting your carpet, rug and/or upholstery. A spoon is not sharp so it won’t ruin the yarns but allows you to scoop on in there and dig a little deeper in your fabric to remove the ugly ingrained stuff.


So why white? Well you don’t want a colored one or you might have a dye transfer from your rag to your fabric your trying to save and resurrect. Spoon up what you can and put that white towel over the area.

Now, you might need to “press down” with your foot to absorb or you might need #3 (not the same as the above mentioned #3. :))


A wooden spoon combined with a white towel will allow you to tamp. You never want to rub back and forth when you are cleaning carpet, area rugs and/or upholstery. You want to use a tamping action. That is where you place the white absorbent towel down over the spot and smack that baby a few times. By pressing the towel into the affected area you are causing a transfer to take place. You can do this with the white towel damp sometimes if needed. Periodically lift the towel up and see if there is a transfer taking place. If there is keep going until no more transfers. Hopefully, with just water, you got a lot of the spot or stain out of the carpet.

*note: this is a good way to release frustration by acting like the white towel is the culprit who decided to place their goodies for you to enjoy.


This is used today by some of the best cleaners in our industry. White distilled vinegar is safe to use as a cleaning agent and odor remover from carpet, area rugs and/or upholstery. I wouldn’t use it straight. Mix according to your liking. Maybe start with a 30% Vinegar to 70% Water ratio. Go up from there if you need to but give it some time to work.

If I was working on my own fabric at home I would pour or spray the vinegar on the spot and tamp. If I was trying to get the odor out I would make sure it is clean (at least topically looks clean) and then I would “pour” some vinegar on the fabric. Let it sit and judge its effectiveness when dry. Don’t over wet the area but mimic how the odor got there. If you have a small Chihuahua you will need very little. With that being said, if you have a Great Dane….you might have to put down a lot more. (I’m so sorry…) *sniff*sniff


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is awesome. You can buy the brown bottle kind at like Walgreens and be just fine. Use it straight, it is only 3% strength. If you want a little bit more “umph” you can go to Sallys Beauty Supply and buy “Hydrogen Peroxide Volum 40”. That is about 15%. I would mix that one. Don’t use it straight.

This is not meant to clean necessarily, this does kill germs and stuff, but I use this as my finishing product. After I clean everything up I might still have that yellow stain on my fabric. This is what you use to safely “bleach” (Oh my I used the bleach word!) yes I said safely bleach out stains from your fabric. Would I try this on wool or cotton? Maybe 3%. If I were you I wouldn’t try to use the 15% on the fabric. Its not as scary as you think. Especially on synthetic fabric. Protein or Cellulose (Natural Fabrics) are more sensitive but can still take very very little.

I hope that helps. Obviously if you don’t want to mess with it you can give us a call and we can take care of it for you. We have a very thorough process to take care of odors and spots from pets. You might call us Pet Cleaning experts. We are just really, really good at it because we’ve been trained and follow the procedures by the book. No Short Cuts!!!



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How NOT to get the urine smell out of your carpet…in Orlando

I received a call today from a future customer that told me they had a urine smell on the carpet and wanted me to remove it. The caller stated that she was referred by one of the companies that refers me a lot and so, my mistake, didn’t educate her as well as I should on the principles of odor removal.

I scheduled the appointment with her. She was pre-sold on us because our referring company says nice things about us.

Then I got the call….

Her husband calls me back and says that he decided to go with another company and didn’t want to use us because our $125 minimum charge was too much. I thanked him for the call.

We hung up….

I decided to call back 5 minutes later…

When he picked up, I informed him of who I was and since the company that referred them to me was important to Perfect Pear I would like to give him some free tools. You see, we have two reports we attach to our receipts when we e-mail them to our customers after the job is finished. One of them is “how to get out urine and odor from carpets and fabrics yourself.”

In this report I talk about the principles of odor removal and what you can and CAN’T do to remove odor. He told me how the gentleman said he was going to remove the odor:

#1. Spray an enzyme #2. Steam Clean #3. Spray an enzyme again

At first glance you might think “wow, that is pretty thorough”. Here is my take on it. If you walk into a “crime scene” and there is a dead body on the floor and you have to clean the place up, guess what you should do first?


You don’t just spray stuff on it. Also, steam cleaning doesn’t affect the pad. Steam cleaning is not meant to go beyond the carpet fibers. The urine stream from the animal penetrated the fibers, the primary backing, the glue, the secondary backing and most likely the pad. And worst case scenarios the cement.

So when the other cleaner sprays the enzyme will it penetrate where the urine went?

Let me quickly explain the principle behind odor removal. If there is a house fire, for example, you can clean the house up but there will still be a smoke smell from the fire. The way our industry has taught us to remove that smoke smell is to use a fogging machine. The fogging machine with a special cleaner will go where the smoke went. The fog mimics the smoke and DE-natures that smell.

With urine it is not different except we mimic the urine stream from the animal. A jet of urine sprays onto the carpet and fills up the carpet fibers. If enough urine comes out the fibers get filled up and the primary and secondary backing of the carpet does as well. If the primary and secondary backing get filled up it could start to fill up the padding under the carpet. This is where the Urine smell is coming from.

So we do the same thing. This is what we do:

#1. GUARANTEE the odor to be gone. If the odor comes back then so do we.

#2. CLEAN the carpet (surface)

#3. Flush the area with fresh water. (Mimicking the urine)

#4. Flush the same area with fresh water again. (Mimicking the urine and cleaning the area. IE. REMOVING THE DEAD BODY)

#5. The we put down our special Enzymes and “herbs and spices” to get rid of and kill the smell. (if there are any left.)

That is thorough and that is the way to clean urine out of carpet.

So what happened on the phone when I told him all of that? He said:

“Well, I don’t want to change services again but I will need my tile and grout cleaned. Can I call you to come and do that for us?”

This was all my fault on not educating the client on odor removal. It was a good reminder that apparently I needed.

*If anyone would like a copy of anyone of our two free reports feel free to e-mail me at: