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5 Holiday Carpet Protection Tips

The weather outside might be delightful, but during the holiday season, dirty carpets are just frightful! If you’re entertaining this holiday season, your floors can take a beating with foot traffic. Start out the season right by getting a thorough cleaning from Orlando Carpet Cleaning, then keep it looking good through the New Year by following our guidelines below.

Go shoe-less: If you’re hosting a casual evening at home with friends, requesting a “shoes-off” policy can not only protect your freshly cleaned carpets, but also help the evening feel a little more cozy and intimate. For a clever twist, request that your guests wear Christmas socks to show off!

Serve whites: Holiday merriness is all good fun until that glass of Bordeaux ends up on your light-colored carpet. Mitigate your risk by serving light-colored drinks like white wine, champagne, sparkling apple cider, and clear liquor.

“Welcome” your friends: When holiday guests mix with winter rain, your carpet can take a beating. Invest in two good welcome mats – one outside and one just inside – to make sure your guests wipe the outdoors off their feet before the outdoors end up on your clean carpet.

Give Fido a cut: Worrying about pet hair all over your carpet (and your guests’ clothing) is an unnecessary nuisance during this busy time of year. Take your pet in for a holiday grooming to minimize their shedding.

Designate a crafting space: Kids love to be creative at Christmas time, but sometimes that creativity ends up all over your clean floors. Make sure your carpet doesn’t suffer and designate a non-carpeted space for kids to get creative. Tile, linoleum, and wood will all take those spills better than your carpet will!

Get your fireplace cleaned: The last thing you want on your clean carpet is fireplace ash. Get your fireplace thoroughly cleaned before you build a crackling fire and enjoy the yuletide cheer without worrying about your carpet.

Have you experienced a holiday carpet mishaps? Share it below!