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Celebrities That Look Like Carpet Cleaners

Have you ever seen photos of you favorite celebrities and thought that they really do look like a normal person. Or even seen them a bit scruffy and couldn’t really recognize them from their latest blackbuster. I many cases you could even compare them to your local carpet cleaning guy. Just a normal hard working guy trying to get a little ahead by making your carpets look new again.

At first glance Will Ferrall looks like your average Joe. Especially when he’s not wearing and ice skating leotard, an elf suit or a racing jacket. Stripped down to a plain tee he looks like the kind of guy who who could really work wonders on your carpet.  His height could really help too in getting the job done fast.

Johnny Depp with his long locks could definitely pull himself aff as a carpet cleaner. At this age he looks like a collage students just trying to get his way thru school with a flexible schedule. He certainly looks plain an normal with out the pirate gear, Hats, glasses and facial hair.

There are those celebrities who’s everyday look could possibly through you off as a carpet cleaner. Take the Blue Collar Comedy Group. Larry the Cable Guy looks like he was made for this hard,  hands on kind of work. Jeff Foxworthy looks like your typical best bud to have by your side to get the job done. These guys really do look down to earth type of people with no make up of fancy clothes or costumes.

So next time your carpet cleaners come to your house to clean and help beautify your home you may think they could look like a potential celebrity. They could have the goofiness of will Ferrall, or make you roll over laughing like Larry the Cable Guy. Or just slowly making there way into Hollywood by working small jobs. Everyone has  a story, even your carpet cleaner guy.