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Have you ever spoken to a true cleaning Nerd? One that is extremely educated in their craft and can answer any and all of your questions easily so that you can understand it without feeling like you’re being sold? Well, we’re the dudes (and dudettes). We’re not just some kids on commission. No pressure here! We are cleaning professionals that can maintain all of your Interior items like: carpet, natural stone, wood floors, upholstery, area rugs, and tile & grout.

And at the same time help keep your exterior items cleaned too, like: your home, sidewalks and driveways, sealing pavers and natural stone, keeping your lanai and screens cleaned including your roof.

You want a company that knows how to clean your hardwood floors next to your beautiful area rugs. You want a company that can keep your carpet clean for over a year instead of spots returning and the carpet getting dirtier quicker. You want a company that can clean & seal your Travertine, Slate, Granite or Marble. Whether you want the stone shiny or not. You also want a company that can soft wash your house without killing your plants. There is a lot of education involved in DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY.

To be honest with you, cleaning is a TRUST business.

How do you know if you get protector applied to the carpet? Or that your stone is getting sealed or with the right sealer in the first place? It’s hard for you to verify the final ph of your area rug so the wool won’t bleed next time its cleaned. When your roof is cleaned, will the plants die a week from now?

Your valuables in the hands of an uneducated cleaner can be damaging. Some damage can be seen right away but others you don’t find out until 6 months down the road or even a year or more. We have been in business since August of 2012. Since then I have traveled the country taking courses and classes to be the “smartest guy in the room” when it comes to cleaning. That is one of the 5 things that set us apart from the rest of our competition. Our education. If you’d like to confidently understand the cleaning process or if you simply want surety that the job will be done correctly, the first time, with a company that has a 100% Satisfaction & Money back Guarantee (up to $1000) then we are the company for you.

Please, give us a call. Consult with us.

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Feel confident you found the right company. We’re here to serve you.


Deland Moghimi

President of Perfect Pear Home Pros, Master Textile Cleaner
Wool Safe North America Fabric Care Specialist
Soft Wash Systems Graduate

*First person in Central Florida history to be dual Certified*

Office – 407-688-2121

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