Cleaning your carpet with a new puppy

They are so cute and cuddly and overall just adorable, but they are known to go to the bathroom in the house. If you have a house that has carpet with a new puppy, then you need to prepare your carpet. Accidents will happen with a puppy that’s a given.  Cleaning up the mess sometimes can be a little difficult but it does the job. The best thing to invest in when you have a puppy is hiring a carpet cleaning service to come out once a month to get the carpets clean. Or you can buy a carpet cleaner from any store that sells them. Having your carpets deep cleaned once a month will help eliminate the odor that will come from the carpet.

When a puppy goes potty on the carpet, it leaks down and gets stuck in the padding of the carpet, this is what usually has an odor to it. When your puppy has an accident the best thing is to clean it right away. This will prevent anything leaking down into the padding and getting stuck and leaving a terrible odor. Set aside a rag or towel that now will become the puppy towel.  Another great investment will be a carpet stain remover. They usually have special ones just for animals. If a dog goes pee on the carpet spray it with the stain remover and start patting the area clean. You want to soak up as much as you can. Keep doing this until the spot is dry.

We all know that puppies don’t just pee on the carpet too. They also go poop, in these cases we really have to act quick so the order and color won’t stain.  If your puppy makes an accident find a plastic bag or some toilet paper and pick it up right away. If you let it sit it will crust into the carpet and almost be impossible to get out. Take the stain remover and give the area a good spray. Then take a rag or towel and just scrub the area until the area is dry.

Having a puppy odor in the house can sometimes be very unpleasant.  Sometimes you will think that the carpets are the source of the smell, if you have already cleaned your carpets and your house still smells then it might not be the carpets. Along with getting your carpets cleaned once a month, wash your walls twice a month. Scrubbing your walls will eliminate the odor that latches on to them. Be careful with what paint is on the walls so it doesn’t peel.

Having a puppy can be a blast. But cleaning up after then is not. The biggest thing is reacting quickly when a puppy has an accident in the house. You need to clean it right away so the carpet does not get anymore destroyed.  If you have a new puppy and you need to get your carpets cleaned then call Perfect Pear and let them clean that odor away.

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