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The Mystery of the Reappearing Stain Revealed

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a stain reappear after you cleaned it up the first time. You did everything right: You got to the stain right away, you blotted up the spill, you even treated the stain just to be sure it was gone for good. And yet, here it is days later! Understand why stains resurface and what you can do about them from the carpet cleaning team Orlando FL residents rely on.

Why has the stain returned?

When a stain in a carpet from a spill returns, it is known as wicking. Here’s how it works:

  1. Something is spilled on the carpet and soaks through into the backing of the carpet and maybe even the underpad.
  2. All you can see is the stain on the surface. You tackle that quickly and effectively.
  3. The liquid that soaked into the backing and underpad of the carpet are reabsorbed into the fibers of the carpet.
  4. Slowly the stain resurfaces as the liquid makes its way back up the fibers of the carpet like they are traveling up the wick of a candle.

Fix It With Deep Carpet Cleaning in Orlando

The only way to really address this issue is to get to the root of it. First you have to determine the how big the spill is.

For small spills:

To keep small spills from recurring, you want to make sure you absorb as much of the liquid as possible. A good way to do this is to stack a generous amount of clean paper towels on top of the spill and apply as much force as you can muster.

If you really want to be sure that the stain won’t resurface, place a stack of heavy books on top of the padding of paper towels and allow it to sit overnight. You can place a sheet of plastic wrap between your books and the towels to protect your books if necessary. In the morning, treat the stain as you normally would.

For larger spills:

If a larger amount of liquid was spilled, it probably soaked through the carpet to the underpad. In these cases, you want to pull up your carpet and allow the underpad to dry so that the spill isn’t absorbed back into the carpet fibers.

This can be difficult if the stain is in the middle of the floor. If it is, stick with the directions for smaller spills. If the stain resurfaces, you will need to contact the professional carpet cleaning service Orlando trusts to get the best results.

For severe spills:

In the event that the spill deeply soaked through the carpet, there is a good chance that the underpad needs to be replaced. If the spill is conveniently located, you can just cut out the damaged part of the underpad and replace it with fresh padding.

The downside to this is that the repadded part of the carpet is going to feel very different from the rest of the carpet where the padding is more worn. It is also difficult to find underpad that matches exactly to what you already have. If you pull up the carpet to allow the underpad to dry and find it unsalvageable, it may be a good idea to just invest in all new padding.

Before you rip up your carpets to make potentially expensive replacements, contact Perfect Pear to help you deep clean away any stains that may be returning. For more information about the best carpet cleaning Orlando offers, contact 407.688.2121.

Our Top Reasons for Loving Wall to Wall Carpet Again

Over the years, there has been a massive switch in homeowner’s preference for flooring. Once upon a time, wall-to-wall carpeting was the undeniable norm. Over time, families began to prefer easy-to-clean options like laminate and hardwood flooring. While we are not against this type of flooring, this carpet cleaning Orlando FL company has a few reasons why wall-to-wall flooring should make a comeback.

Carpet Insulates

Carpet helps your home maintain a livable temperature all year which helps maintain your electric bill. This is particularly valuable if you live in colder climates.

The insulation carpets provide also help keep the noise down inside your home. The soft fibers and the padding underneath absorb sound waves from your TVs, speakerphones, computers and sound systems. This way your home doesn’t echo, and your neighbors don’t hate you.

Carpet is Luxurious

There is no such thing as a luxury hotel without carpeting. There’s a reason for that. Carpet gives a softness underfoot that screams luxury, especially if you are able to splurge on carpets made with high quality fibers. Carpet also gives you the option to customize your flooring with cool colors and patterns.

Carpet is Safe

Carpeting makes slip and falls less likely in your home. This is especially important if your home has stairs. Carpets help keep toddlers, the elderly and your furry friends from sliding all over the place.

Carpet is Durable

Carpets will last almost forever as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned with the regular carpet cleaning Orlando trusts.

The cool thing about carpet is that it really is easy to maintain, even if you have pets. As long as you regularly vacuum and clean up spills as soon as they happen, you will be happy with your carpet for years to come.

Carpet is Versatile

No matter the style of your decor, you can find a carpet to match. You can go neutral or bold with colors and patterns that stand out.

Carpet is Warm and Soft

Admit it, you hate waking up and stepping on freezing cold hardwood floors. Carpet takes care of that irritating morning experience. Carpeting also give you and your family a comfortably soft place to play and enjoy each other.

Carpet is Cost-Effective

Even when you choose luxury carpeting options, this type of flooring is usually less expensive than most hardwood flooring options. You can see this most when you compare the expenses related to installing carpet and installing hardwood. Hardwood flooring requires significantly more installation and expertise, so the overall price is increased.

Once you have your new wall-to-wall carpeting installed, make sure you keep it clean. Contact an expert carpet cleaning Orlando FL company for the best results. The professionals at Perfect Pear can successfully tackle any stain without compromising the carpet. For more information about this carpet cleaning Orlando FL company, contact 407.688.2121.

Natural Carpet 101

Natural living is a lifestyle choice that is even making an impact on the type of flooring people choose. The days of 100 percent polyester are now over. More and more families are opting into design elements that bring the natural world indoors.

This is especially true for flooring. So, your favorite carpet cleaning Orlando FL company has compiled a list of just a few of the natural carpeting options available out there.


This is the most common type of natural carpeting as it is used in both carpets and rugs.

Pros: Wool carpets and rugs are resistant to stains and fire. The super soft fibers are thick enough that they provide great heating and sound insulation. If combined with the right blend of fibers, wool carpets can be resistant to mold and mildew.

Cons: 100 percent wool flooring should not be installed in areas that are prone to spills. This is also an expensive flooring option.

Sea Grass

Seagrass is a crop that is grown like rice in fields that are flooded with seawater once a year.

Pros: This type of carpeting is highly durable and resistant to stains, dirt and discoloration. It is also anti-static with a lovely natural hue. Color can be added by weaving weft strings through the carpet.

Cons: Seagrass cannot be dyed. It is only available in its natural color. This is not a good carpet choice for areas that get wet often because the fibers can easily grow mold.


This type of carpeting is made from coconut husks that can be woven into a number of different patterns for a unique and natural look.

Pros: Because of the dark, rustic look of the material, it is perfect for intensively natural themed decor. It is a perfect material for door mats and flooring in other high-traffic (and dry) environments.

Cons: This type of flooring tends to stain from spills. The coarse texture of the fibers also makes it a bad choice of flooring for areas like bedrooms where you’d want to have something soft under your toes.


This is a fiber that is grown in parts of Asia. The crop is picked and then soaked in water so that the fibers can be separated for weaving.

Pros: This fiber is the softest natural carpeting option. It is also the least expensive.

Cons: Because it is so soft, it is prone to tearing and staining. That makes jute carpets a good option for bedrooms and a bad option for high traffic areas.


This is a natural fiber that is available in a number of colors and patterns.

Pros: The composition of sisal fibers make it soft, durable and easy to dye. That means you can have the natural flooring you want in just about whatever color you want without worrying about too much coarseness under your feet.

Cons: Sisal fibers absorb stains just as easily as dye. It must be treated to be stain resistant. It is also an expensive flooring option, though not quite as expensive as wool.

When it comes to cleaning your new natural carpets, it is not recommended that you DIY. Natural carpeting is much more sensitive which requires the professional carpet cleaning Orlando residents trust at Perfect Pear. For more information about the best carpet cleaning Orlando offers, contact 407.688.2121.

Choices…Choices…Here’s a Look at Carpeting Options for Your Home

Of all the flooring options available to you, carpeting is one of the most versatile. It is also the softest and warmest. Make sure you choose the right kind of carpet for your needs with this guide from an experienced carpet cleaning Orlando company.

Types of Fibers

The first thing you want to consider when you are choosing a carpet for your home is the fiber. The type of fiber your carpet is made of will play a large role in the carpet’s durability and stain-fighting power. Here are the four most common types of carpet fiber.

Nylon: This is the most common type of carpet fiber. It is soft, durable and really resistant to stains.

Polyester: This is another common choice because it is colorfast and durable. Carpets made of polyester are also non-allergenic and eco-friendly because the fibers are made from recycled plastic bottles. This is a bad choice if you are carpeting an area that receives a lot of traffic. That is because polyester carpet fibers tend to flatten under weight.

Polypropylene: Polypropylene carpets are resistant to stains and mildew because the fibers don’t absorb water. They are also very resilient while being almost as soft as nylon carpets. This is a great option for carpets in areas that will be prone to spills.

Wool: This is a good option if you want a carpet that feels luxuriously soft. The only problem is that lower quality wool carpets tend to stain easily. However, purchasing a wool carpet that is made of high grade fibers means you will be spending a lot of money. Thankfully, if this is the route you want to take, there are carpet makers that combine wool and synthetic fibers so that you can get the best of both worlds. Just make sure you invest in the regular carpet cleaning Orlando Fl residents trust to extend the life of your wool carpets.

Types of Pile

Pile is the next thing you want to consider. Pile describes the way the carpet fibers are cut after they are looped through the backing of the carpet.

Uncut: This carpet looks like little loops on the surface. Carpets that are uncut tend to be easy to clean, durable and stain resistant so they are good for high traffic areas. Carpets with uncut pile just aren’t as soft and padded as their cut pile counterparts.

Cut: Carpets with cut piles are usually very soft and easy to clean. Unfortunately, these carpets seem wear faster than most because stress in the carpet is more obvious.

Saxony: This is also known as the shag carpet. Because of the long individual strands that make up the luxurious fuzzy surface, you can easily see footprints and vacuum markings. This type of carpet stains easily as well so it should only be used in low traffic areas.

Textured: This is a good option for high traffic areas because it doesn’t show footprints and doesn’t stain easily. That is because the individual fibers are twisted and set using steam.

Frieze Cut: This is a very durable type of cut that hides dirt and doesn’t wear easily because the fibers are twisted into a random pattern. This is a great option for areas that get a lot of traffic.

No matter the carpet you choose for your home, you want to make sure you keep it looking like new with regular carpet cleaning Orlando services. Contact Perfect Pear to help you keep your carpet in its best condition for as long as possible. For more information about the best carpet cleaning Orlando offers, contact 407.688.2121.

Are Carpet Runners a Good Idea?

In some parts of the country, it seems that carpet runners are becoming more and more popular. Decide if a carpet runner for your hardwood stairs is really a good idea with a little guidance from the experts in carpet cleaning Orlando trusts.

Why carpet runners?

Carpet runners are placed on top of your hardwood stairs in order make the stairs safer and add a little decoration. They make stairs safer by preventing people from slipping as they travel up and down the stairs. They are also beneficial because the carpet adds cushion to each step which reduces the stress that is placed on your back, knees and feet.

Carpet runners are different from full carpeting on stairs because it allows the hardwood to show on either side of the runner. By choosing a carpet runner, you are able to get the best of both worlds.

Another common reason why people like to install carpet runners is for their pets and small children. Carpet runners make it so that small dogs are able to get up and down stairs easier. It also helps older dogs and small children in the same way.

Choosing a Carpet Runner

There are many factors that need to be considered when thinking about installing a carpet runner. First you have to hone in on your reason for wanting the carpet runner. Whether your main concern is safety or aesthetic pleasure will determine exactly what you need in a carpet runner.

As a general rule, it is never a good idea to get a carpet runner that is made with looped fibers. This type of carpet never seems to stand up to the test of time, especially if you own cats. Cats will be attracted to the fact that the loops of the carpet hook their claws and your brand new carpet runner will become their very expensive scratching post.

The best type of carpet you can get for a carpet runner, instead of looped fibers, is cut wool. They are sturdy and colorfast, which is great for high traffic areas like stairs. However, because of their quality, cut wool carpets are more expensive than many other types of carpet.

One factor you definitely want to consider is the type of steps you have. Straight box steps are very easy to carpet. If have steps that turn or pie steps, you will likely experience complications during the installation of pre-cut runners with borders. Consider choosing a carpet that has a smaller pattern that can be custom cut and bound.

Once you have your new carpet runner installed, you have to keep it clean. Contact the carpet cleaning service Orlando FL trusts to take care of carpets in high traffic areas. For more information about Orlando cleaning services, contact Perfect Pear at 407.688.2121.

Choosing New Carpet? 5 Things You Should know

If you have made the choice to install carpet in your home, there are five things you should consider as you make a choice.

What is the purpose of the room?

How a room is used is a big determinant factor in the type of carpet that would be best suited in that area. Rooms that are going to be used as formal dining areas can have carpet that is lighter, softer and more plush because you don’t have to worry about lots of traffic or regular spills. A room that is used more often for heavy duty activity will need a carpet that is made with darker and more durable fibers to withstand the test of time.

How much traffic does the room get?

If you are carpeting a room that is expecting a lot of traffic, it is probably a better idea to purchase carpet that is darker. That way, stains won’t show so easily and you can worry less about how much money you’ll end up spending on the carpet cleaning Orlando Fl families rely on the most.

Also consider carpets made with BCF fiber to keep your family from being covered with fibers from a shedding carpet. If the room being carpeted will have less traffic, this doesn’t need to concern you as much.

What is the size of the room?

You can make a small room feel bigger by using lighter colored carpet. You can make a big room feel cozy by using a darker colored carpet with warm undertones.

How is the room lit?

A carpet will look more true to color with the more natural light that enters a room. You want to avoid darker carpet in rooms that don’t get very much natural light.

How do you want the carpet to make you feel?

Carpets that are made with warmer tones can make you feel energized. Carpets that are made with cooler tones can make you feel calm.

All of this things will play a huge role in the color and style of carpet that would be best in your home. When you head out to choose your carpet, remember to bring samples of your home’s decor with you. Paint chips and upholstery swatches will help you be sure that you are getting a carpet that is cohesive with the decor that is already in your home.

Once you’ve installed your new carpet, make sure you extend its life by regularly scheduling the carpet cleaning Orlando residents love. Contact Perfect Pear to help you keep your carpet in its best condition for as long as possible. For more information about the best carpet cleaning Orlando offers, contact 407.688.2121.

The 3 Most Cringe Worthy Carpet Stains To Remove

Carpets in a home are beneficial for so many reasons. They add a lush luxury to a space that cannot be achieved with any other type of flooring. They also help keep your home warm in the cooler months that are headed our way.

However, to keep your carpet beautiful and luxurious, there is maintenance involved. Vacuuming, a full service carpet cleaning Orlando trusts, and spot cleaning are all necessary to keep a carpet looking fresh.

In order to help you protect your carpets, here are some tips for dealing with some of the most frustrating stains according to the experts in carpet cleaning Orlando FL loves.

Mustard Stains

This type of stain can be very frustrating to remove because of the yellow dye that gives the condiment its rich color. If you wait too long to tackle the protein based stain, there is a good chance you won’t be able to get it out completely. As soon as you can, blot the stain with a cloth that has been dampened in cold water.

Chocolate Stains

Thankfully, chocolate stains are easier to remove that mustard stains. In most cases, dish detergent and water will work just fine to rid you of the deep brown stain if you treat it fast enough. Add  a solution of soapy water with your dish soap. Dampen your cloth with the solution and blot the surface. Some sources say that it may be a good idea to add a little ammonia to the solution if you are dealing with a particularly stubborn stain. Use discretion. Test an area of your carpet in a hidden area to see if any discoloration results first.

Blood Stains

This may be one of the most difficult types of stains you will ever encounter. You can try to treat it yourself or you can call the professionals in carpet cleaning Orlando FL residents trust the most with their carpets.

If you decide to DIY, use cool water to blot the stain. You can add club soda to give you more of a cleaning edge.

Pro Tip: NEVER use hot water on blood stains. The heat will cause the water to coagulate making it exponentially more difficult to remove the stain.

Don’t let carpet stains keep you from enjoying the carpets in your home. Contact Perfect Pear to clean up these stubborn stains at an affordable rate. For more information about Orlando carpet cleaning services, contact 407.688.2121.

Helpful Household Cleaning Hacks

Having a clean home doesn’t have to equate to an empty wallet. Use these creative household cleaning hacks from the trustworthy carpet cleaning services Orlando trusts to get the job done right.

White Vinegar

This is a multipurpose tool that should be a staple in every home. You can cook, clean and ward off pests. As far as cleaning goes, you can use white vinegar to clean your windows, floors, countertops, sinks and kitchen appliances. As an added bonus, it is said that cleaning your kitchen surfaces with white vinegar will keep bugs like ants and roaches from walking on them.

Pro tip: Create a mixture that is equal parts water and vinegar. Spray it on to the cleaning surface using a spray bottle and wipe dry.

Ice Cubes

Every three weeks or so, put five or six ice cubes in your sink with a few slices of lemon or orange to get rid of any odor that may be rising.


Instead of tossing old newspapers, line the bottom of garbage cans. It’ll absorb any nasty wet spills and make for easy clean up in the future.


Everyone loves a lemony fresh scent. So, use this natural bonus to clean your microwave faster. Just add a few squeezes of lemon juice to a small bowl of water. Make sure the bowl is microwave safe. Microwave the mixture for about five minutes to get rid of the smell and soften up any stuck on food particles that have been left behind.


If you happen to be out of floor cleaner, use mouthwash. Just keep in mind you have to use quite a bit of mouthwash to make it worth the effort.


If you enjoy decorating, there is a good chance you have vases or glass containers that are difficult to clean because you can’t get you hand into the opening. If you don’t have one of those special scrubbers, just put dry rice and warm water into the container. Cover the opening with your hand and shake it vigorously. Rinse once see the stuck on particles are gone.

Hair Spray

If there are children in your home, crayon and other markings on the wall are almost inevitable. Spray marker drawings with hair spray and wipe with a dry cloth right away. For crayon, use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove the scribbles. Hair spray is also good to get rid of lipstick stains that may be left on clothing.


Because it is so porous, it is super absorbent and is great to remove oil and grease from walls and clothes. Follow up with water to wash away any trace of chalk and grease.

Once the rest of your home is spotless, you need to get your carpets up to the same condition.  Perfect Pear can effectively clean the carpets in every room of your house at an affordable rate with safe cleaners. For more information about carpet cleaning in Orlando, contact 407.688.2121.

The Good and the Bad of Different Types of Floors

When it comes down to choosing your new flooring, the number of options available can be overwhelming. In an effort to take away some of that stress, here is a quick guide that puts the good and the bad of the most popular types of flooring in one place.



Carpet isn’t something you would want to install by yourself. You need special tools and experience with the adhesive that seals it to the underfloor. If you are considering carpet, remember to factor in the cost of a professional installation into the overall price of the flooring.


Carpets can last for years if they are properly cleaned and maintained with the help of a carpet cleaning service Orlando trusts to get the job done right. There are different types of carpet with different fibers that also affect how long a carpet can last looking nice. In general, the darker and more sturdy the fiber, the more durable the carpet.


Because carpets are made of fabric, the fibers attract a lot of dirt and pet allergens. Over time, they get stuck deep in the fibers and make it difficult to keep the floors and air in your home clean. This can be a bad situation if any one in your family has severe allergies. Carpets also tend to absorb odors for the same reason. The only way to avoid that is to have a regular carpet cleaning in Orlando.



Traditional hardwood flooring is definitely not a DIY installation project unless you are professionally trained. The flooring comes unfinished and needs to be sanded, stained,and finished. You can get engineered wood flooring, which is more like plywood and comes pre-finished. This way you can get a look more like hardwood without the complicated installation.


Traditional hardwood flooring is very durable. Damages can be sanded away and a fresh application of finish can make the floor look good as new. Engineered flooring has a thin veneer that can’t be sanded away without damaging the floor. You have to be much more careful with furniture and pets on engineered flooring.


This type of flooring is easy to keep clean. You just have to be mindful of wet spills and clean them up right away to avoid damage. It is also wise to add rubber pads to the legs of your furniture to avoid damaging the floor.



Laminate flooring is a great DIY project because it is a floating floor. No adhesive is needed because the pre finished pieces just snap into place. This type of flooring is also much less expensive that its real wood counterparts.


Overall, laminate is durable and easy to clean. You want to be careful with wet spills, however. Water that is left on the flooring too long can cause the laminate panels to warp and bubble. The top layer of finish can also show wear over time.


If there is a section of the floor that is damaged, it is easy to lift up and replace the damaged boards. For this reason, it is a good idea to buy a few extra pieces of flooring. That way, if you need to replace anything, you have those extra boards on hand and don’t have to worry about locating the the right color match later down the road.

Ceramic Tile


If you study on the correct ways to install tile, you can learn to do this yourself. However, it may be better to just call in a professional to make sure your floors look just the way you imagined. That is because ceramic tiles are glued down and special spacers are used to maintain the gaps between the tiles.


Tile floors are very durable, just be careful not to drop very heavy objects on tile flooring. You don’t want to accidentally break a tile.


Ceramic tile floors are easy to clean and hard to damage unless you drop something heavy on them. As long as you take care of the grout, your floors will continue to look like new for a long time.

Once you’ve decided on your floors and have them installed, you need to keep them clean. Call a carpet cleaning service Orlando trusts to maintain your floors. For more information about Orlando cleaning services from Perfect Pear, contact 407.688.2121.

Fixing Your Wood Floors

When it comes to flooring, many homeowners choose hardwood because it is a beautiful flooring option. People enjoy the ease of cleaning  and how it gives a home a fresh feeling. In a perfect world, the hardwood would stay looking as brand new as the day you installed it.

Unfortunately, things just don’t work that way. Life happens and suddenly there are little scrapes and scuffs all over that really take away from the beauty of the floors. Of course, you have the option of calling in for a professional carpet cleaning Orlando trusts to maintain hardwood floors. But before you take that route, try these DIY natural fixes to bring your hardwood floors back to their original glory.

Pro Tip: Quickly look over the instructions that were given by the installer. You don’t want to use any cleaning solution or method on the floors that could mess up your warranty.

Sweep and Mop

You can prevent a lot of little scratches by keeping your floors as clean as possible. Sweep often with a soft-bristled broom or a cloth padded sweeper to keep gritty particles off the floor. If the floor still looks a little dingy, you can mop with a slightly damp mop. You can use water mixed with a little tea tree oil or whatever is deemed okay by your installer’s instructions. Just make sure to avoid wetting the mop too much. An overly soaked mop can cause water damage.

Microfiber cloth

Address spills on hardwood right away to avoid damage. Use a microfiber cloth to clean up wet spills. You can slightly dampen the cloth if the spill is dry. Again, just make sure to avoid too much moisture. Wipe over the spill once more with a dry cloth to protect your floor’s finish.


You have to be very careful when addressing more resistant marks to avoid ruining your hardwood floor’s finish. If you have a urethane finish, there are scrubbers made just for that. If you have a wax finish, you can gently use fine steel wool or sandpaper. Just wipe the surface after you’ve finished and reapply new wax.


Another popular solution for wood floors and furniture is a shelled walnut. Gently rub small scratches with half a shelled walnut to help the oils penetrate the wood. If anyone in your home is allergic to nuts, you can use almost dry coffee grounds instead.


This is a good solution to remove just about anything with a waxy or gooey texture like gum and crayon. Just fill a baggie with ice and set it on top of the mark for a few minutes. The cold will let you gently pick off most, if not all, of the substance with your fingers. If anything is left over, you can place a microfiber cloth over it and iron it up.


You can remove oily stains from your wax-finished floor by using soaps that have a lot of lye in them. Wash and dry the area then use your hand to buff back the shine with a microfiber cloth.

Good oils

Oil on your floors isn’t always a bad thing as long as you are using good oils. Olive oil and coconut oil are great buffers if your hardwood floors are unfinished. You can add a little essential oil to add your favorite scents. Just make sure you let the floor dry thoroughly for several hours.

Of course, you can prevent a lot of these minor scratches and marks by adding felt pads to the bottom of your furniture. Don’t drag anything across the floor and walk carefully in heels. Use throw rugs in areas that get a lot of traffic and make sure any pets have their claws clipped on schedule.

The next great thing is to make sure you know the right professionals to call when it comes time to clean or fix major damage. Perfect Pear is a company that specializes in the hardwood flooring maintenance and the commercial carpet cleaning Orlando trusts. For more information about the professional carpet cleaning Orlando calls first, contact 407.688.2121.