Before & After Gallery

If any of these photos look a little blurry or low-quality, that’s because we don’t edit them. No Photoshop, no color correction, no light balancing. We occasionally crop to protect privacy, but everything else is exactly as-is. Enjoy!


Carpet Cleaning


Orlando Carpet Cleaning Before

Old stains covering half of the carpet…

Orlando Carpet Cleaning After

Looks just like new!

Carpet Before Cleaning

Dark, “permanent” stains…

Carpet After Cleaning

Carpet completely restored!

Carpet Before Cleaning

Heavy traffic patterns and staining…

Carpet After Cleaning

Years of life and value restored!

Carpet Before Cleaning

Old grease stains…

Carpet After Cleaning

Completely gone!


Wood Cleaning


Wood Cleaning Before

Wood with a dark, “hazy” look…

Wood Cleaning After

Restored to its original shine!


Tile and Grout Cleaning


Tile Cleaning Before and After

Easy to see what a difference we can make!

Tile Cleaning Before and After

Most grout is lighter than you think!

Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning Before

Nasty public bathroom stall…

Orlando Tile and Grout Cleaning: After

Looks brand new!


Pavers and Stone


Gallery Orlando carpet cleaning

A water- and weather-stained driveway…

Gallery Orlando carpet cleaning

Completely restored and consistent!

Gallery Orlando carpet cleaning

Just after cleaning – left side just sprayed with sealer, right side not yet treated.

Travertine Before and After

After Roof Cleaning

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